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Labour two points ahead of Conservatives - Populus

Conservatives four points ahead of Labour in pre-election poll

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UK's future on the line in election, says former PM Major

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UK's Cameron says Labour-SNP power deal would be frightening

Cameron says Labour-SNP power deal would be frightening

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Thatcher, even in death, divides world opinion

Today in History for May 4th

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Liberia's Charles Taylor to serve war crimes sentence in UK

32 police officers, lawmaker hurt in Belfast riots

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Dutch kick off bicentennial festivities

Thai anti-graft panel to charge hundreds of MPs

An independent Scotland could face currency limbo: British lawmakers

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Tale of two towns as Scottish independence shows social divide

UK offers Scotland greater devolution after independence vote

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Conservatives vow more tax powers for Scotland if rejects independence

Colorado, Utah move to hike smoking age to 21

Tymoshenko warns of guerrilla war, calls for sanctions on Russia

Royals' Uluru visit to boost tourism

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British PM Cameron makes last-minute appeal to Scotland

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Lawmakers urge British leaders to fight harder to prevent Scotland split

Scottish nationalists seek to broaden independence debate beyond currency

Obama wooing skeptical allies in offensive against Islamic State

TV debate victory might not boost Scottish independence leader

Regional body to help restore stability in Lesotho

Say 'Non' - Quebec referendum offers lessons for pro-union UK leaders

Day of reckoning arrives for Britain over EU's Juncker

Britain's Hague plugs Eurofighter on visit to India

Eurosceptics Farage, Le Pen warn of rocky ride for complacent Brussels

MPs urge insurers to confirm whiplash and stop fraud

An unlikely hero, Gordon Brown enters the battle for Scotland

UK's anti-Europe party seeks gains in EU election

Thai opposition seeks to annul election, disband ruling party

Sturgeon: Workaholic driving Scotland's independence campaign

Prince wants Lesotho king to flex muscles to fix nation's woes

British parliament approves Islamic State air strikes in Iraq

WTI Oil Plunges Below $90 on Supply Brent Heads for Bear Market

Hagel Reaffirms French Partnership Against ISIL

Yes or No, Edinburgh hotels and bars win big in Scottish vote

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Scotland says 'No'

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Scots voted 'No' over economic worries

Leaders pledge powers in final push before Scottish vote

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German government says Bavaria following Scots' example 'absurd'

British PM: No Re-runs in Scot Independence Vote

Australian terrorist alert level raised to high

Battle over Scottish independence slightly tightens in new poll

Gulf Arab states strike new deal to heal rifts