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Polish president nominates Kopacz as new prime minister

Gymnast rumored linked to Putin leaves parliament

Polish gov't to be named Monday, sworn in Sept. 22

Adelaide CBD car park tax destined to fail as Family First rule out support

Swedish Social Democrat leader asked to form government by Speaker

Poland's president to nominate Kopacz as new PM on Monday

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Ukraine pays "high price" for beliefs-Poroshenko

Libyan PM seeks to reassert authority as oil production is hit

Boris Johnson selected to run for British parliament in 2015

Kris Hanna to be new Marion mayor after SA council elections

Independence vote divides Scottish farming community

Indonesia to ratify ASEAN haze agreement

Troy Buswell crash: Committee hits back at accusations of police response...

Austria plans to forbid Islamic extremist symbols

Russia says 'cynical' U.S. policy pushing world towards new cold war

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French PM lauds ECB growth-support moves, says 'much more' needed

Poland's parliamentary speaker appointed premier

Jewish leader: far-right votes risk nations' name

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Iraqi PM renounces British citizenship by law

Swedish PM Fredrik Reinfeldt concedes election defeat