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Chinese who attacked plane crew 'barbarians': state media

Hackers invoke 9/11 in new chilling Sony threat

Hackers invoke 9/11 in new chilling Sony threat

Annual bird counts give scientists climate clues

FBI wants hacker who helped catch cheating lovers

Brazil orders Google to hand over Street View data

German police build 'Nazi Shazam' to track banned music

Officials: Dead bomber name in terrorism database

World grapples with rise in cyber crime

Hospital group says 'alarm fatigue' can be deadly

Wash. jury rejects claim of actress who sued IMDb

Animal shelters are real winners of 'Puppy Bowl'

Oregon hopes to be first state to map GMO fields

UN photo archive tells story of Palestinian exodus

Wal-Mart to expand online savings tool nationwide

Merriam-Webster adds da 'Yoopers' to dictionary

Legalising sex work would slash HIV toll: study

Debt no downer for China's new generation of spenders

Obamacare exchanges see problems with eligiblity data: watchdog

U.S. takes steps to bolster patent system, cut frivolous lawsuits

Science publisher fooled by gibberish papers

Lawsuit challenges terror database listing process

Regulators pushing banks to rid casinos of money-laundering

US terrorism database doubles in recent years

Snapchat blames third-party apps for any leaked photos

Snapchat caught in hacking fiasco

UK police spied on reporters for years, docs show

Swiss museum gets huge, priceless art trove

Tourists take virtual stroll through Rome's ghetto

Study: US judges' criminal caseloads vary widely

Web inventor criticises data plan

FAA controllers working exhausting schedules

Bad bite: A tick can make you allergic to red meat

Security firm: Hackers steal 1.2 billion passwords

New York 'cannibal cop' walks free from jail

WHO: Pollution kills seven million people every year

Hunt for Foley killer involves Social Media, high-tech sleuthing

Lawsuit challenges US terror database list

Dubbo politicians call for data on sentencing: Law Society says statistics...

Suspect charged in case of missing UVa student

Minerals Council proposes public online database

Authors Guild appeals ruling in Google Books case

Schoolboy exposes security flaw in public transport website

Lithuania taxman uses Google Maps to find dodgers

Medication nation: Study shows antibiotic overuse

British cat DNA database helps convict killer

Post-2003 blackout rules lead to millions in fines

ASPCA uses USDA photos in fight over puppy mills

New surgical knife can instantly detect cancer

ValueClick shares rise following analyst upgrade

Robot hot among surgeons but FDA taking fresh look

Liberals to fast track mining approvals