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Ocean acidification

New Tactic Deployed in Search for Plane

Oceans becoming more acidic at unprecedented rate: report

France's south-western coast fights the ocean

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Sheriff's Dept: Brown-Ocean inquiry will be closed

Frank Ocean says 'no charges' against Chris Brown

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Winery experiments with aging wine in ocean off SC

Up to 88 percent of ocean surfaces sullied by plastic

Scientists warn of hot, sour, breathless oceans

'Ocean's 16' workers in NJ claim Powerball share

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Elephant seal back in the ocean

Under the sea

Skippers set off on Vendee Globe solo yacht race

ESA: Satellite causes no damage after re-entry

Salvadoran castaway returns home

Richard Branson gets ocean protector award

Great Ocean Road in need up upgrade

Australia to continue whaling flights

Scientists say changes in the temperature of the ocean is key to...

Pharrell Williams gets 'Happy' with G-Star

Ozone hole linked to ocean circulation

Ships Search for Missing Plane's Signals

Scientists warn of 'deadly trio' risk to ailing oceans

DiCaprio pledges funds to support ocean conservation

Scientists seek to improve climate change data from developing countries

Great Pacific Garbage Patch puts fish on 'plastic diet'

Kerry issues urgent call to save oceans

Government defends its actions against illegal fishing

Studies highlight dangers of rising acidity in oceans

Moves to further protect Antarctica

Imploding sub a 'tragic loss': Titanic director

Missing plane declared "lost with no survivors"

ShowBiz Minute: Ocean, Adele, Lucas

New Pictures of Ship That Sank in 1888

NZ and Australia work together on oceans

Vic fire moves towards Ocean Grange

China navy holds Indian Ocean drills

U.S. Navy scans ocean for missing Malaysian Airlines flight.

Mother who drove into ocean of Fla. hospitalized

Anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd prepares to intercept Japanese whalers

Search focuses on 'acoustic events' in Indian Ocean

Ocean rescue plan has urgent five-year deadline to act: report

Great Ocean Road upgrade to begin 2014

Hopes fade for missing paraglider as air and sea search resumes

Frank Ocean, Maroon 5, Keys to perform at Grammys

Government Approves East Coast Oil Exploration

Australian search plane spots two objects in Indian Ocean

Study to focus on Arctic after Greenland Sea found to have warmed 10 times...

Study finds increased acidity in Antarctic waters

Thai satellite spots 300 objects in Indian Ocean

Aust sucks up Ocean's waters: study

What we know, and still don't, on Malaysian plane

Chinese ship finds 'pulse signal', no confirmation MH370

Thai agency claims satellite finds 300 floating objects in jet search

CSIRO weather model a boost for aquaculture

Underwater vessel set to search for missing plane