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Developments in donor heart longevity

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Deep fried oil used as carbon fertiliser

Vitamin E, beta-carotene no help for heart disease, cancer

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Compost kingdom sets tempo recycling rural waste

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Kerry issues urgent call to save oceans

Young enterprise reviving an old salt craft

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Impact of sediment on reef worse than first thought, study shows

Dredging 'doubles' coral threat

'Gluten-free' labeling standards kick in

Brain damage 'very common' after intensive care: study

WA fruit growers concerned over imports

Labor details plan to protect reef

Fewer bees in US a threat to world's almond supply

Coroner: Soft drinks may need health warnings

Mo. debate stalls environmental efforts on river

Soft drink giant throws money into sugar industry

Growing medical marijuana is big business in Canada

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Crown-of-thorns starfish: New method kills more than 250,000 marine pests...

UNESCO condemns dredge waste dumping in Barrier Reef waters

More than 500,000 in Syria without food aid

FDA: Pregnant Women Should Eat Low-mercury Fish

College has system to extract water from manure

Living replica of van Gogh's ear on display in Germany

Melinda Gates spearheads global push to save newborns

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The long, slow march of 'biofortified' GM food

World-first farm robot set to revolutionise industry

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Yemenis demand release of Guantanamo detainees

Striking Guantanamo prisoners say water denied