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Wine producer cuts off vines damaged by major fungal disease

Canberra man committed for trial for stabbing roommate

Youth learn low-stress livestock handling from industry expert

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NSW south east gets ready for more rain and possible flash flooding

Drug czar promotes updates to northern border plan

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Renewed push to seal inland north Queensland highway

Residents evacuated after driveway collapses from heavy rain on Sydney's...

Scots inspire separatists in Italy's German-speaking north

Australian surfer killed by massive wave in Indonesia

California hospital treating patient possibly exposed to Ebola

Top End rice grower battles breezes, bugs and birds for bumper crop

Cootes faces more than $2m in fines for safety breaches, court hears

Meyer hails young Springboks after close call

2013 record year for deadly attacks on aid workers

Greensboro offers last chance to make US PGA playoffs

Few Nicaraguan child migrants join in trek to US

Nigerian child bride on murder charge

American killed in Syria a journalist at heart

American journalist killed in Syria aware of risks

State fighters halt Iraqi offensive to recapture Saddam's home town

Iraqi Kurds assault IS positions as Obama vows support

Putin threatens new market with Ukraine playbook

Battle of the boycott plays out in Israel, W.Bank shops

Floods force dramatic rescues in Phoenix area

100,000 elephants killed in Africa, study finds

Clashes near Kabul as Karzai calls for political unity

Elephant killings in Africa outpace births

Hope Meat & Livestock Australia reforms address 'disconnect' issues

As Taliban push quickens, Afghan troops ordered: take no prisoners

Invasive insect threatens iconic Florida citrus

How Asia sees Obama's pivot to the Pacific

French president looks to future in Algeria visit

Face of Devils Lake flooding leaving government

N. Calif. fire near Redding destroys 84 buildings

Syria says no dialogue before it crushes rebels

Plan for Catholic church makes waves in Bahrain

Wine and fracking don't mix, say vineyard owners

'Frankenstorm': Worse than sum of its parts

Christmas Day storms blamed for 3 deaths

Mississippi River drops, threatening barge traffic

A lesson in pop culture via Guantanamo

Parents: No word on US journalist missing in Syria

Crows appoint Smart AFL operating officer

France girds for new threats amid Mali operation

Expectation levels soar for England in Six Nations