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Lawmaker invites gun makers to relocate to RI

LaPierre: Obama Casts NRA As 'Absolutists'

NRA criticizes Obama's reference to 'absolutism'

NRA begins pushback with Web ad criticizing Obama

Conn. gun owners, retailers navigate new gun law

Gun laws show difficulty of stemming violent acts

Fewer excited gun-buyers in Colo. and Conn.

New York's assault weapon registration begins

New York's 'assault weapon' registration to begin

Private Gun Sellers Concerned With New Checks

Trump rallies against Cuomo, New York gun control

Remington breaks ground on Ark. plant expansion

Experts: Pistorius violated basic firearms rules

Gun Sales Spike As New Laws Are Considered

Gun debate revives questions about self-defense

Greens gun buy back scheme targets gun crime in western Sydney

Newman defends Queensland's gun reform

US arms control advocates must show they like guns

More gun laws = fewer deaths, 50-state study says

California killings renew call for police mental health training

US mulls limits on homemade plastic guns

NY pushes to settle budget early proposals emerge

Tax rebates, gun law part of long NY budget talks

NY passes a budget on time for 3rd time in a row

Mark Kelly to testify for Colo. gun-control bill

NRA: NY's quick gun law passage nixed opposition

Obama offers new gun control actions

Few states find narrow route to gun control laws

What's an assault weapon, anyway? A gun glossary

Correction: Ammunition Frenzy story

Democrats push gun measure in Colo, give up others

South east police fight rural gun theft

Regional gun thefts fuelling black market trade: police

Guns stolen from vacant Warialda property

Background checks peak in week after Conn shooting

Bloomberg plans $50M gun control network

Push for futuristic guns builds on embattled past

Maze of gun laws in US hurts gun control efforts

NY Gov. on Gun Violence: 'Stop the Madness'

White House tries to keep momentum on gun control

Howard enters US gun debate

In Colo., gun restrictions bring political peril

Conn. lawmakers pass wide-ranging gun control law

Pro-gun voters put heat on Democratic senators

Bloomberg, mayor group tout big gun control push

Obama Unveils Sweeping Gun Plan

New NRA-backed Kansas law seeks to limit lobbying

Conn. governor set to sign gun control law

NY Senate Passes Gun Control Bill

Conn. Senate approves sweeping gun control bill

Former NYC mayor plans challenge to pro-gun lobby

AP IMPACT: More air passengers show up with guns

Status of proposals for gun control legislation

Colorado governor signs landmark gun bills

Obama to send Congress gun proposals in January

In gun debate, two sides speak different languages

Absentee landholders warned about securing guns

Gun control debate heating up in statehouses

Gun background checks drop 10 percent in January

Gun control debate heating up in statehouses

Aurora victims honored, gun groups stage protest

Officials talk guns, hold buybacks after shootings

Colorado lawmakers advance gun control bills

Biden, NRA clash over new gun control proposals

Colo. gun-rights rally called 'slap in the face'