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Rudd tours the NSW Blue Mountains

US airdrops supplies to thousands besieged in Iraq

Ukrainians in rebel east brace for winter among the ruins

In Mexico, self-defense squads battle violence

Ala. town mourns for bus driver amid standoff

Sri Lanka anniversary reopens trauma of bloody endgame

UN council condemns minority attacks in Iraq

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2 out of 3 people face hunger as Haiti woes mount

Art world shivers at sale of Henry Moore statue

NY town of 9/11 workers wages gas pipeline fight

Oil-producing Iran looks to solar to light future

Balkans floods trigger Bosnia's worst exodus since war

Syrian forces take two villages near Lebanese border

Italy fights mafia with new strategy: banish sons

Evacuation after Vic gas pipe explodes

Tony Stewart will not face charges in deadly crash

Nethercote community funds its own market gardeners

Turkish villages give Syrian Kurds shelter, hope

Rural Sierra Leone waits for help as Ebola does its worst

Floodwaters receding in central Qld

Syria troops take a short breather ahead of Yabrud siege

UN warns Iraq of 'chaos' if no political progress

Iraqi Yazidi girl tells of captivity in IS group

Iraq Christians guard village taken from IS group

Jordan wants to deport Syrian refugees who rioted

Fires ignite memories of Black Saturday

Egypt's Christian minority rally behind charter

Barbara weakens to tropical storm, kills 2 people

Oscar Pistorius tells murder trial he did not hear victim scream

Syrian troops bombard town near Lebanon border

Nepal floods kill at least 85, raise cholera fears

Hard times for 'red gold' divers in Morocco's El Dorado

Pope visiting Brazil's shrine to 'black Mary'

S. Calif. fire forces evacuation of mountain town

Containment of Calif. fire doubles to 40 percent

Well Results Raise Worry in N.C. Hamlet

Kidnappers move Syria nuns, contact lost

Inside the secret cemetery of Colombia's FARC rebels

Student deaths stir anger in strife-hit Thai south

NY gay resort community gains historic recognition

Mudslide risks were outweighed by peace and quiet

'Did Reeva scream when you shot her?' Prosecutor grills Pistorius

Flooded British villages ignite climate debate

Chevron pizza 'scandal' isn't one in small town

Teaching an old dog new tricks

Unclear Washington landslide lawsuits could win

A pressing need

Wait continues for young boy feared dead

Crews successfully conduct burnout at Idaho town

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Pope Francis calls for prayers for Syria nuns

Lebanon cannabis trade thrives in shadow of Syrian war

Syria regime closes in on strategic rebel-held town

Search continues for missing snorkeller

Jerusalem barrier spurs illicit building boom

Christian 'blasphemy' couple detained by boss before murder