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Hamas rejects Egypt court ban of Palestinian movement

Chinese activist gets four-year jail sentence

French troops mount fresh offensive in northern Mali

Entertainers help keep Kiev protesters' spirits up

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Hezbollah vows victory against extremists in Syria

Italy's Bersani fails to win over 5 Star Movement

Vietnam Gen. Giap 'inspired resistance movements'

MQM supporters

Unions prepared to work with coalition

Any new Russian troop movements 'outrageous escalation': US envoy

Israel weighs ban on radical wing of Islamic Movement

Communists, Islamists in Sudan 'Movement for Change'

Commission would be a witch hunt: ACTU

Newcastle's McKinnon gains feeling in legs

Concern over increase in train movements

Egypt Brotherhood vows protests despite 'terror' listing

Swiss anti-immigration vote stirs fears in Europe

Brazil protest ruled out 1 threat to Cup averted

Protesters wearing masks descend on Washington, D.C.

East Turkestan Islamic Movement responsible for China station bombing

Rand Paul says conservatives need a bold message

Thai junta frees 'Red Shirt' protest leaders

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Kiev rally calls for stand against 'aggressors'

Polls open in Egyptian presidential election

Witnesses and residents shocked by killing of Hezbollah leader

Mini-libraries bringing US neighborhoods together

Weary Kiev protesters keep up two-month occupation of city hall

Hamas and Islamic Jihad protest peace talks in Gaza

Blast hits Hezbollah heartland in Beirut

Mourners flock to funeral of Myanmar pro-democracy hero

Hamas claims unity govt. violated reconciliation terms

Saudi blocking Syria peace talks: Hezbollah chief

'Anonymous' activists denounce govt spying on citizens

Italy PM-designate meets with political leaders

Maronite patriarch's Israel trip raises Hezbollah ire

Malian refugee girl in Niger chooses school over marriage

UK anti-apartheid campaigner remembers Mandela

Supporters of Egypt uprising condemn sentencing

Gaza Hamas supporters protest against Egypt ban

Thousands Brazilian homeless protests in Sao Paulo

Khan Yunis strike

200,000 mass in Ukraine in defiance of protest curbs

Hamas govt. frees Fatah prisoners in bid for reconciliation

Fugitive Sunni cleric slams Lebanese army in video message

Six troops killed in Cairo attack blamed on Islamists

DR Congo town celebrates rebel defeat

Italian politician Beppe Grillo defends his views in Rome

Volunteers join Crimea's rag-tag self-defence units

Zimbabwe opposition leader says MDC party united again

Political rally gathers hundreds in support for Pakistan army

Would-be Saakashvili successor holds rally before Georgia vote

Hezbollah vows to punish Israel for killing top leader

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New Palestinian unity government "committed" to agreements

Identity crisis for Ukraine's second city as tensions rise

Funerals in Gaza after Israeli strikes

Thousands rally at Rome anti-austerity protest

Ban Ki-moon, UN pay homage to the late Mandela

Pro Russian Serbian volunteers help patrol Crimea roads