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Court removes Thai PM Yingluck Shinawatra from office

Thai army summons former prime minister

Yingluck ordered to step down

Thai northeast vows poll payback to Shinawatra clan

Yingluck protests innocence

Hundreds of people turn out to show support for Thai election

Thousands march to oust Yingluck

Thai protesters to 'appoint new government'

Thailand gripped by political turmoil

Thai protesters vow no let up after disrupting poll

Thai protest tensions ease as barricades come down

Thai political protests paralyse more ministries

Thai 'Red Shirts' rally to support embattled PM

Thai protesters continue to rally, a day after deadly clashes

Thai protesters step up campaign to disrupt elections

Thai army detains former PM Yingluck

Thai protesters target army, ruling party headquarters

Thai protesters besiege PM's crisis HQ

Thai PM sees little risk of another coup

Thai court sets date to rule on PM dismissal

Thai farmers protest in new challenge to PM

Thousands gather to demand Thai PM resigns

Political violence shakes Thai capital

Thai police crack down on protesters in Bangkok

Thai protesters to appoint new government as crisis deepens

Thai military detains ex-PM Yingluck Shinawatra after coup

Thai PM appeals to protesters

Protesters camp out in Thai capital

Yingluck ordered to quit

Thai PM survives no-confidence vote

Thai prime minister extends security act to calm protesters

Thai office workers whistle in protest

Debris and rubble litter Bangkok streets as dawn breaks in Thailand

Thai standoff grips capital, gov't sticks to election date

Thai Commerce Minister Niwatthamrong to be new Prime Minister

Compromise unlikely in Thai standoff

Beleaguered Thai PM defends herself against rice charges

Thai protesters target government offices

AP PHOTOS: Protesters try to shut down Bangkok

Thai elections to be held as scheduled

Voting ends in tense Thai election

Thai protesters cut power to police headquarters

Thai PM calls for talks to end protests

Thai PM dissolves parliament in face of protests

Anti-government protesters rally in Bangkok

Thailand's PM in court over abuse of power

Defiant protesters disregard Thai poll, still want PM out

Thai protesters cause gridlock with mass picnic

Anti-government demonstrations continue

Tractors descend upon Bangkok

Thai premier: No quick end to political impasse

Thai PM faces new dismissal threat in court

Ousted Yingluck given permission to leave Thailand

Defiant Thai PM rejects protest demands in national address

Thai ex-PM re-elected as opposition party chief

Thai anti-government protesters stage major rally

Red shirts and anti-government protesters scuffle in Thailand