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France says carried out air strikes in Iraq on Thursday

Exclusive: Syrian minister says U.S.-led strikes going in 'right direction'

British PM urges parliament to back 'years' of Iraq action

Saudis confirm taking part in Syria air strikes

US-led air strikes resume in Syria, oil fields hit

US-led air strikes hit ISIS oil targets in Syria

French military jets bomb ISIS hangars

France to continue air strikes until Iraqi army gains upper hand

MPs expected to be recalled to vote on Iraq air strikes

At least 14 militants dead in U.S.-led strikes in Syria - monitor

Cameron urges parliament to back 'years' of air strikes against ISIS

Dozens of jihadists killed in air strikes in western Iraq

New wave of US air strikes in Syria

Air strikes in Syria hit Islamic State at Iraqi border - monitor

Hezbollah chief criticises US-led strikes in Syria

U.S. military chief says airstrikes are disrupting Islamic militants

US conducts five more airstrikes in Syria, Iraq against Islamic State

British parliament approves air strikes against Islamic State in Iraq

U.S. Navy releases video of air missions in Gulf

Jordan bombed IS in Syria on Wednesday: US officials

France strikes Islamic State in Iraq after US-led Syria raids

British parliament approves Islamic State air strikes in Iraq

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Fresh US-led airstrikes hit IS targets in Syria, Iraq: Pentagon

Pentagon: More Strikes in Syria to Come

Islamic State closes in on Kurdish area of Syria

Ukrainian, Russian officials start work to set up 'buffer zone' in east

Dutch F-16s to join anti-IS strikes in Iraq: deputy PM

Britain close to joining U.S.-led air strikes against Islamic State

Israel takes delivery of new hi-tech German sub

US praises Britain, Belgium and Denmark for agreeing to fight IS

Britain set to approve air strikes against IS in Iraq

British fighter jets fly over Iraq, no air strikes yet

Republicans back US-led strikes in Syria

Islamic State defies air strikes by shelling Syrian Kurdish town

Syria's Al-Qaeda chief warns West against continued strikes

Arab states line up behind US in fight against Islamic State

US told Syria it would strike, but not when or where

US drones kill eight militants in NW Pakistan: officials

In air war in Iraq and Syria, US has flown 4,100 aircraft: official

U.S. strikes help Iraq Kurds, army advances against Islamic State

At UN, Syria closes the door on peace talks

Obama targets "cancer of violent extremism" in UN address

Arab states risk backlash by joining Syria strikes

US-led strikes hit IS-held oil sites in Syria

Exclusive: United States defends Syria airstrikes in letter to U.N. chief

Turkey prepared for military role in anti-IS coalition: Erdogan

Mexico seeks 57 missing after weekend violence