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Israel carries out airstrike on Hamas site in Gaza

Israeli air planes strike Gaza Strip

EU court strikes Hamas from terror blacklist

Hamas' deputy chief says it has patched up ties with Iran

Egypt allows in travellers from Gaza for first time since October

Egypt allows in travellers from Gaza for first time since October

Egypt allows in travelers from Gaza for first time since October

Israel raps Palestinian UN draft as 'gimmick'

Palestinians set deadline for Israeli occupation

Palestinian leader supports more talks on UN bid

Under Abbas, majority say they can't speak freely

Warning on funds, UN doubles estimate of destroyed Gaza homes

2016 hopeful Ben Carson pledges support for Israel

Israel arrests members of Jewish extremist group

Top news of 2014 left public grasping for answers

Israel Says It's Targeting Hamas Militants

Analysis: Israel-Hamas: a clash waiting to happen

Rocket Attack From Gaza Strip Kills 3 Israelis

Gaza fire increases pressure on Israel to hit back

Carr again calls for Mideast restraint

Southern Israel residents scared but determined

Hamas links truce to end of Gaza border blockade

Israeli offensive in Gaza was years in the making

Israel-Hamas cease-fire remains elusive

Lull in fighting between Israel, Gaza militants

Israel vote presents diplomatic, domestic choices

Millions rally in Egypt, responding to army call

Tunnel closure 'costs Gaza $230 million monthly'

Gaza militant killed near Israel border

Prominent Palestinian human rights campaigner dies

Biden voices hope for Kerry's Mideast efforts

No Palestinian tears for 'criminal' Sharon

String of Palestinian attacks has Israel jittery

Israel freezes Gaza supplies after 'terror tunnel'

Israeli forces clash with Palestinians in Hebron

Israel, Hamas square up for next Gaza duel

Hamas holds parade year after battle with Israel

Egypt's army says it's ready to save nation

Holy Land archaeological treasure hurt by politics

Governments condemn shootings in Egypt

AP EXCLUSIVE: Egypt military builds case on Morsi

Dutch premier's Israel trip hit by Gaza row

At parley, Palestinians cite lack of shared vision

With a smile or a threat: the two faces of Gaza's Hamas

Hamas shaves heads of Gaza youths with long hair

Hackers target Israeli websites, fail to disrupt

Palestinians chose a new president _ on reality TV

Islamic cleric in Gaza rejects Israel's existence

Hamas confirms leader Khaled Mashaal's re-election

Gaza Hamas rulers to start campaign to catch spies

Egypt confiscates shipments of military uniforms

Gazans endure power blackouts with dark humour

Israel presses Abbas over kidnaps, cracks down on Hamas

Fearing three teens abducted, Israel escalates West Bank search with Abbas...

Israeli troops kill Palestinian teenager

Gun battle flares as Israeli soldiers seek missing teens

Violent Night in Search for Israeli Teens

Abbas swears in Palestinian unity government shunned by Israel

Clinton: No deal better than 'bad deal' with Iran

UN photo archive tells story of Palestinian exodus

Israeli forces kill Palestinian who shot at them

Gazans hit by Israel gunfire in border incidents

Gaza families plead for evacuation amid battle

Gaza church opens doors to war refugees