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U.K. Tories Lead in Three Polls as Labour Focuses on NHS

Australian leader vows to consult more widely on knighthoods

Australian PM faces backlash over royal 'knightmare'

Auschwitz's last survivors urge a troubled Europe not to forget

China to hold military parade to 'frighten Japan'

Auschwitz's last survivors urge a troubled Europe not to forget

Culture war in Israel targets ultra-Orthodox Jews

Protests unite Turks across the social spectrum

AP Analysis: Iran president may help shield rulers

Power struggle underway in rebel-held Syrian town

A diplomatic star is born in Chinese first lady

SKorea's 1st female leader yet to hire many women

Japan PM's biggest test on economy still to come

Privately owned daily newspapers return to Myanmar

Syria deal shines light on Israeli capabilities

Meet "The Guv": India's new central bank chief gets rock star welcome

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd questions whether Rupert Murdoch's criticism is...

Analysis - Gulf Islamists irked as monarchs back Egypt's generals

Opposition condemns Syrian rebel blockade

Israeli leader backs out of Mandela funeral

Egypt prosecutors investigate popular TV comedian

Nobel scientist Rita Levi-Montalcini dies in Rome

Tired of excuses, Danish city wakes students at home

Army chief said to be focused on Egypt's problems

Morocco Berbers mark New Year, call for public holiday

AK-47 designer Kalashnikov wrote penitent letter

President has not tackled Egypt's biggest problems

UK's Cameron challenged to act on Heathrow Airport

French tycoon's threat shakes Socialist tax plan

Leaders pledge powers in final push before Scottish vote

PM begs Scots not to break up 'family of nations'

Hong Kong democracy protests: Live Report

UK's Cameron threatens to ignore European Court of Human Rights rulings

Hong Kong protests hit China's National Day: Live Report

China military training inadequate for winning a war - army paper

New York Congressman Charles Rangel claims victory in Democratic primary

New York Representative Rangel faces voters in congressional primary

Israel troops raid Palestinian newspaper offices

China's army eases curbs to draw more educated recruits - paper

China confirms attendance at U.S.-hosted naval exercises in June

Retired China military told to 'return houses' in crackdown

Xinjiang attack marks dramatic shift in militant tactics

Crisis at French daily Le Monde as chief editors resign

China anti-dissent playbook may fail in Hong Kong

Quebec election race tight as media mogul joins race: poll

As newspapers struggle, Los Angeles gets another daily

Special Report: The bishop who stood up to China

More protests in Turkey as leaked recording deepens division over Erdogan

Thousands denounce HSBC board member's likening of Hong Kong people to...

U.S. sees Syria rebels in political, not military solution: Asharq...

Occupy Hong Kong’s End Start of ‘Permanent’ Political Unrest

Occupy Hong Kong’s End Start of ‘Permanent’ Political Unrest

Japan's Abe to postpone tax hike, call December election

Why the Sony hack isn't big news in Japan

Biographies of the victims in French terror attacks

Charlie Hebdo to publish Mohammad cartoon on front page

Russian government takes flak as it fails to stem economic crisis