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Brother-in-law of IS hostage 'scared' by airstrikes on Syria

Private property surveillance laws nixed

Indonesia province to punish gay sex by caning

Colorado court hears appeal of worker fired for medical marijuana

NYC mayor signs order expanding living wage law

California governor signs 'gun violence restraining order' law

U.S. attorney general criticizes Apple, Google data encryption

U.S. attorney general criticises Apple, Google data encryption

FBI head criticizes Apple, Google over data encryption

Indonesia's Aceh approves caning for gay sex

Anti-paparazzi charges revived over Justin Bieber chase

California bans paparazzi drones

South Africa's first gay-friendly mosque could be shut

China announces date for key Communist Party meeting

California governor signs 'gun violence retraining order' law

Rice video sent to attention of NFL security

California passes first US 'Yes means Yes' sex consent law

ACT double jeopardy laws need reform: Victims of Crime Commissioner

UK to widen law against benchmark rigging, aims for year-end

Washington state pot law author proposes testing sewage to gauge use

California becomes first U.S. state to ban plastic grocery bags

US should coordinate air strikes with Syria: Russia

Coles ordered to admit it misled customers with 'Freshly Baked' frozen...

California governor signs 'yes means yes' college sexual assault bill

Crackdown on retired MP entitlements will save $5 million

Malaysia must stop abuse of transgenders: rights group

Holder's legacy: counterterrorism to civil rights

Australia passes tougher spy laws

Indonesian president intervenes in election law controversy

California gun restraining order may deter suicide

Utah to appeal ruling in 'Sister Wives' case

Obama: Mistrust of police corrodes America

US seeks to reverse Apple-Google decisions to lock mobile data

Viola Davis learns underbelly of law on new show

UK Conservatives seek TV, online ban on extremists

Court mulls legality of firing for pot use off job

Germany to ban steep rent hikes in booming cities

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Dubbo politicians call for data on sentencing: Law Society says statistics...

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US urges rejection of appeal in immigrant case

White House: U.S. supports "aspirations of the Hong Kong people"

Newman inquiry could face challenge

Citigroup, Argentina bond holdouts argue over $5 million payment: hearing

New privacy battle looms after moves by Apple, Google

Ray Rice video sent to NFL security chief before TMZ release

Claims that changes to Qld Water Act will lead to over-allocation