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Spain's Catalan parliament approves independence vote law

ASIO laws could allow torture: Labor

Controversial AFL Europe deal will be cancelled over anti-gay laws

Jacqui Lambie stumbles over sharia explanation

Tense clashes in Quito as riot police quell protest

New details about alleged PA shooter's past

PM rejects ASIO torture power claims

Indonesian Aceh proposes 100 lashes for gay sex

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Brandis 'confident' Labor will back anti-terrorism laws

Trial lawyer gives $50M to Drexel law school

Argentina passes price control law

Democrats may face 2nd fight in Kansas Senate race

ASIO creating moral panic, anti-terror laws permit authorities to torture:...

Tesla prevails in top Massachusetts court over direct sales

Kansas judges question why Democrat can't withdraw

Austria plans to forbid Islamic extremist symbols

Checkpoints around White House may be coming

Sweeping new anti-terror laws on way

Health law enrollment now 7.3M

New arrest powers under proposed changes to anti-terror laws

Hugh Garth, first person charged under fatal one-punch laws, refused bail...

U.S. attorney general announces grant to study police racial profiling

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ABC News Video - Updated 10 times daily

Poland drops probe into central bank chief's leaked conversation

Vic introduces 'coward punch' laws

Clive Palmer hits back at Jacqui Lambie's 'train wreck' interview

Bangladesh sets two-year jail term for child marriage

Harvard Uni, Charles Darwin collaboration aims to help asylum seekers get...

Backers seek expansion of civil rights death law

Ukrainian people make history with EU pact, US says

New sentencing laws applied in Wilcannia murder case

Kansas election law looms large in US Senate race

French lawmakers tackle tough new anti-terror bill

South Africa sees sharp jump in murder rate

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Budget airline baggage charges cleared by top European court

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Former magistrate Peter Maley granted certificate to return to work as...

Exclusive: BNP Paribas hires ex-U.S.Treasury official for compliance job

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ABC News Video - Updated 10 times daily

Gunman hid in lair outside barracks to kill Pennsylvania trooper: police

Exclusive - BNP Paribas hires ex-U.S. Treasury official for compliance job