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Police seize Australia's biggest ever ice haul

Jamaica authorities seize cocaine haul at seaport

Drugs worth $150k seized in Canberra sting

NSW ice seizure breaks records

$370m cocaine haul seized

Bangladesh seizes 100 rocket launchers near India border

Massive haul of ephedrine found hidden in rice shipped to Melbourne

Vietnam hands 5 heroin traffickers death penalty

Greece makes Europe's 'largest ever' heroin seizure

Three arrested in Vic over 200kg ice haul

Africa surpasses Asia in ivory seizures: CITES

UK-Australian navies make largest ever heroin bust

Hong Kong customs make $1m ivory bust

Australian warship seizes 449kg heroin off Somalia coast, halts funds to...

Canada, Poland to announce Ukraine aid package

Galloping Asian meth demand drives record production: UN

Colombia seizes 7 tons of cocaine

'Operation Angry Birds' leads to arrests in three-county cockfighting...

Cyprus lifts almost all domestic capital controls

US journalist released in east Ukraine

American charged over $5 million found in Sydney

Thailand seizes meth pills worth $30 mln

Australia pest check uncovers ephedrine haul

Bangladesh seizes properties of owner of collapsed factory

Weapons seizure may be Victoria's largest

Accused in court after police allege $10 million of amphetamines seized in...

Argentina pays $5 billion to Repsol for YPF seizure

Kenya makes huge ivory seizure in Mombasa

Australia police seize huge arms stockpile at farm

Greek authorities uncover second big heroin stash

Cyprus: Ukraine crisis won't harm economy

$6m cash found in suitcases in Sydney

Mexico sells 2.2 billion euro stake in Spain oil giant Repsol

UN says Asia meth seizures hit highs in 2012

Togo goes high-tech in crackdown on ivory smuggling

US Coast Guard seize $110 million worth of cocaine

HMAS Darwin seizes 650kg of hashish

Large ivory haul seized in Togo

Singapore seizes ivory disguised as coffee berries

China police seize thousands of guns, knives

U.S. seizes $28 million in bitcoins from man linked to online drug market

Spain's Repsol accepts $5bn payoff from Argentina

Kenya arrests two after huge ivory seizure

Cross-border drug tunnel equipped with rail system

Goldman environment prize goes to 6 activists

Canada sees Russia's hand in Ukraine, vows response

HMAS Darwin makes record heroin bust worth almost $290m

UN warns Ukraine harming Syria peace efforts