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20 Sri Lankans sent home from Christmas Island

Deported asylum seekers arrested in Sri Lanka

Hunter asylum seeker advocates welcome transfer of Sri Lankans to mainland

Govt confirms 41 asylum seekers returned to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka releases 36 asylum seekers who were on intercepted boat

Australia-bound asylum seekers detained in Indonesia

ABC News Video - Updated 10 Times Daily

ABC News Video - Updated 10 Times Daily

Asylum seekers must respect the law: Bowen

More Sri Lankan asylum seekers sent home

India asylum deal may not be legal: lawyer

Sri Lankan arrested over uni sex assault

Judge threatens to release Tamil asylum seekers

Asylum seekers given light touch: Morrison

Sri Lanka asylum seekers flown home

Another eight Sri Lankans return home

400 asylum seeker boats in 2012/13

Asylum seekers moved out of Macquarie Uni

Australian asylum seeker policy is 'child abuse': religious leaders

Geraldton boat decision soon: govt

Carr says Sri Lankans hearing message

Wong defends bridging visa policy

Sri Lankan asylum seekers: Govt given deadline to file defence

Vietnamese asylum seekers sent to Manus Island

Asylum seeker case returns to High Court

Asylum seekers die after boat sinks off Indonesia

Government is not 'disappearing' asylum seekers, says Abetz

Lawyers say Tamil asylum seekers held 'behind locked doors'

Asylum seekers to be transferred from ship to detention centre

Govt slammed for sending back Sri Lankans

Australia tried to get India to take asylum seekers while still at sea

Another asylum-seeker sets himself on fire in Australia

Switzerland defends deportation of Sri Lankans

PM expected to unveil Sri Lanka boat deal

Asylum boat gets 53km from Broome

Behaviour protocols part of asylum policy: Morrison

Sri Lankans not at risk: senior diplomat

Migration Tribunal case load increases

High Court blocks handover of asylum seekers to Sri Lanka

Asylum seekers a 'good problem': Bleich

Man arrested over university campus sex attack

Sri Lanka 'welcomes' asylum boat returns

Explainer: What we know about the 153 asylum seekers detained at sea

Spy boost to combat Sri Lanka smugglers

Asylum seekers will be safe: PM

Asylum seekers land on Cocos Island

Australian PM says won't bow to 'moral blackmail' over asylum seekers

ABC News Video - Updated 10 Times Daily

Australia promises to give notice before returning asylum seekers

Morrison rejects abuse claims

Suspend refugee bridging visas: opposition

Boats will help stop people smugglers

Asylum seekers must be allowed to work

Abbott gives nothing away on asylum boats

Sri Lanka arrests Australia-bound boat people

Asylum seeker dies on Christmas Island

Asylum seekers only get 3 hours sun: doc

Morrison to visit Sri Lanka amid silence on fate of asylum seekers

Don't get on boats: Sri Lankan stars urge

Tamil asylum seekers 'tortured', Refugee council claims

Man charged over sex attack on uni student