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Veterans attend Canberra ceremony marking end of Korean War

South Koreans return from emotional reunion in North

U.S. President Obama pays tribute to Korean War dead

American Korean War Vet Visits NKorean Memorial

S. Korea fires warning shots after N. Korean incursion

'Priceless' ancient Korean seals seized in California

Britain welcomes South Korean president

Park proposes new family reunions with N. Korea

US war veteran released from North Korea

North Korea holds mass rally to mark Korean War anniversary

South Korean President attends ceremony to honoring British soldiers who...

Most South Koreans to leave North Korean factory

South Korean navy fires warning shots on North ships

Korean War vet gets belated honors in Puerto Rico

SKorean lawmakers tour inter-Korean factory park

6 detained South Koreans return home from North

Vet Reunites With S.Korea Burn Victim

G-G Bryce and Korean president hold talks

Family reunions set for later this month

North Korean troops take aim at targets depicting US soldiers

U.S. Korean War veteran released by North says made 'confession' under...

Australian veterans travel to Seoul for Korean War armistice

Korean War foes gather in NKorea to remember war

South and North Korean families say tearful goodbyes after short reunions.

Korean War chaplain to get Medal of Honor

Four members of Congress ask N Korea to release Kenneth Bae

Seoul: NKorea test-fires 18 short-range rockets

SKorea saves 3 NKorea sailors 2 dead, 11 missing

South and North Korean families say tearful goodbyes after short reunions

U.S. war veteran marked as enemy in N. Korea

SKorean presidential website loses data in hacking

Most South Koreans leave North Korean factory

North Korea marks armistice anniversary with fireworks

N. Korean shelling a likely warning, not attack

U.S. war veteran marked as enemy in N. Korea

Korean sites still down after war anniversary hack

South Korea wins gold in North Korea

"Toy-like" drone that crashed in South Korea came from North - media

North Korea Says It's in a "State of War"

Korean talks fail to reopen shuttered factories

N. Korea to return six S. Koreans across border

North Korea to return 6 detained South Koreans

Koreas agree to hold family reunions as planned

NKorea says it is in a 'state of war' with SKorea

South Korea says 2 NKorean ship crew members dead

North Koreans pledge loyalty to Kim dynasty

Obama visits ancient Korean palace in Seoul

SKorea Catholic cardinal makes 1st visit to NKorea

US, South Korea sign renewed North Korean defense strategy

NKorea postpones reunions of war divided families

S. Korea activists launch anti-North leaflets

N. Korea patrol boat violated maritime border: South

SKorea to withdraw workers at factory in NKorea

Abbott tours Korean demilitarised zone

Koreans families part, likely for last time

Inheritance cases show legal pitfalls of Korean unification

US-South Korea war games loom over Korean reunions

Obama urges Japan, SKorea to move past tensions

S Korea: Royal seal at museum may have been stolen

N. Korea warns of disaster over S. Korea-US drills

Rival nations mark 64th anniversary of Korean War

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry meets South Korean president

S.Korea president tells North to stick to reunion plan

Pyongyang rumblings have little effect on SKoreans

Japan PM as unpopular as Kim Jong-Un, South Korean poll shows

GG offers toast to new Korean president

North Korea conducts live-fire drills: South Korea

South Korea unveils memorial to '83 Myanmar attack

N. Korea proposes family reunions with South

South Korean officials depart for a rare high-level talks with North Korea

SKorean lawmaker gets 12 years for pro-North plot