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Philippines rebuffs request to send medics to Ebola-hit areas

UN chief slams Israel settlements, urges peace talks

Iran must withdraw 'occupying' forces from Syria: Saudi

Exclusive: Indonesia's new president plans steep fuel price rises next...

Serbia salutes Putin but says future is with Europe

UN chief slams Israel settlements, urges peace talks

Exclusive - Indonesia's new president plans steep fuel price rises next...

Universal Studios to launch first China theme park in Beijing

Coalition commanders seek plan to counter IS advance

France's Sapin rules out 2015 budget changes - Les Echos

Victim's family demand jail for US Marine in Philippines murder

China investment bank CICC's CEO Levin Zhu resigns

Protesters demand Philippine custody of US Marine

Drone stunt at Serbia-Albania soccer match causes diplomatic row

Pentagon readying for long war in Iraq, Syria

US military sees long haul ahead for war with IS

Ex-hedge fund trader charged in $276M insider ploy

Four-way Latin America bloc strikes deal to remove all trade tariffs

GOP, Dems divided alike on foreign policy issues

UN-Arab League envoy: Iran 'necessary' at Syria talks

Turkey and Iraq push trade and counter-terror ties

US companies sour on France

Syrian army reopens key road to Aleppo

Its a good beginning-Kerry on Syrian weapon destruction

Syria army deals severe blow to rebels in key town

Thunderbirds and Diamonds netball captain Natalie von Bertouch announces...

Hagel given assurances on Afghan security deal

Campaigners mourn death of AIDS champion Mandela

Turkey moots three-party talks over Iraq-Kurd oil row

Groves will "run for his life" vows Froch

France firm on Iran nuclear issue, Hollande tells Israel

Sanctions stay unless Iran renounces nuclear arms: Hollande

Fierce battles in Syria US to raise aid to rebels

IMF chief says global pro-growth policies needed

Obama, Mexican president talk economy, security

Argentine dictator Videla dies in prison at age 87

Judo abuse scandal hits Tokyo Olympic bid

Lawmakers, governor, target Maine skills gap

Peace talks start between Pakistan, Taliban team

Hagel adds urgency to push for ethics crackdown

Euroskeptic election surge gives EU a headache

Ukraine leader: No talks with 'terrorists' after Donetsk battle

Afghans brave Taliban threats to choose new leader

France picks GE for Alstom, but says still work to do

Gun battle flares as Israeli soldiers seek missing teens

Anti-Qatar World Cup campaign blasted as 'racist'

Obama urges Scotland to stay British, UK to remain in EU

Obama: hard to see UK benefiting from leaving EU

2016 campaign checklist: Bobby Jindal

China's Dongfeng, French state invest in Peugeot

France, Germany seek transactions tax deal by May

UN Security Council to hold emergency meeting on Gaza

Syria hands over remaining chemical stockpile, West sceptical

Kerry urges Iraqi leaders to rise above sectarianism

Renzi says no budget rift with Germany, raps Bundesbank