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Israel: Rockets fired from Gaza, cease-fire broken

Israel, Palestinians extend Gaza truce for 24 hours

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Israel destroys homes of Palestinians suspected of killing Israeli teens

Airstrike kills wife and child of Hamas figure

Israeli strike killed Gaza commander's wife and child: Hamas

No Gaza deal without 'clear answer' to Israel security needs: PM

Israel ends export to EU of settler dairy, poultry produce

Hamas says Israel must accept Palestinian demands or face long war

Netanyahu says undeterred by Hamas warnings in talks on ending Gaza war

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Palestinians voice optimism as Gaza truce holds

Arab Bank, respected multi-national in dock for terror

Gaza truce holds amid report of Egypt offer to end violence

Egypt: No deal yet on Gaza cease-fire, more talks

Undeterred by Hamas warnings: Israel

Papal visit underscores religious divide in Koreas

Israeli-US relations tested once again in Gaza war

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As Gaza war subsides, a battle over how it is investigated

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Courting Asia, Obama finds that the world intrudes

Israeli airstrike kills Hamas military chief

Israel bombards Gaza Strip, shoots down rocket

Israeli FM charged with breach of trust

Israeli foreign minister officially resigns

Mexico sect vows fight over public schools

Former official denies Israel poisoned Arafat

NY pol's reliance on rabbi comes back to haunt him

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Two powers, Qatar and Iran, try to sway Hamas

Midnight Mass Celebrated in Bethlehem

Palestinians: Israel soldiers shoot, kill teen

As Israelis vote, peace seems distant

Pentagon chief Panetta meets Pope Benedict

Israel central bank chief to step down in June

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Lawyer of Iranian in Israel denies spy allegations

Fukushima disaster put spotlight on Japan's finest people, says ABC's Mark...

Israel approves release of 26 Palestinian prisoners

Israel frees 26 Palestinian prisoners