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Jailed Venezuelan leader to skip court in protest

Getaway car driver sentenced for role in botched contract killing

Exiled Ben Ali son-in-law returns to Tunisia

Former Bertelsmann boss sent to jail for embezzlement

Corruption case in US state jail goes to trial

Spanish singer to go to jail for money laundering

Spanish singer goes to jail for money laundering

Pedophile wanted in Australia jailed in US

South Korea court sentences ferry operator chief to 10 years in jail

Bank executives want City wrongdoers to face jail, says top funds boss

'This is my jail': Corruption case goes to trial

Potts avoids jail after driving through red light, killing pedestrian

South Korea jails dementia patient for 20 years for hospice arson

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ABC News Video - Updated 10 times daily

Egypt arrests Brotherhood leader as crackdown intensifies

South Korea court jails ferry operator CEO for 10 years

Uganda jails five for genital mutilation

Ex-CEO of failed German retailer Arcandor to appeal against prison sentence

After guilty plea, BGF leader looms over trial

Pair jailed over elaborate crime compo fraud scheme

Jailed American in Cuba loses appeal in case vs. U.S. government

Suspect in student kidnapping pleads not guilty

Man arrested following incident involving bomb squad at Barwon Prison

Feds: Don't free Arab activist who hid bomb role

Wanted Ben Ali son-in-law returns to Tunisia

Tory first to be jailed in Canada for election fraud

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Official: witnesses in army slaying wrongly jailed

Prisoners guaranteed work through job training scheme

Attorney: Stabbing suspect, 12, not fit for trial