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In Arias trial, TV cameras never far behind

Defense rests case in Jodi Arias murder trial

Emotional day of testimony in Arias trial

Heated exchanges between Arias prosecutor, expert

Jodi Arias attempts to explain away her lies

Arias victim's family makes dramatic statement

Jury in Arias trial adjourns for day after impasse

Jodi Arias: Death Penalty Would Cause More Pain

Prosecutor paints Jodi Arias as manipulative liar

Arias trial now turns to whether she lives or dies

Jurors find Jodi Arias eligible for death penalty

Prosecutor in Arias trial says victim was afraid

Jodi Arias says she prefers death penalty

Jurors deadlock on Jodi Arias penalty retrial set

Arias trial postponed until next week

Cheers, tears at Arias 1st-degree murder verdict

Allegations of misconduct sidetrack Arias trial

Expert: Jodi Arias suffered from PTSD, memory loss

Jurors deliberate Arias fate amid spectacle

Jury foreman says life or death decision unfair

Arias Verdict Draws Crowds to Ariz. Court

Arias fades from view as case veiled in secrecy

Savage killing, sex at heart of Ariz. murder trial

Authorities: Man said he was headed to kill Grace

'Pretty Little Liars' star's heart lies in music

Junot Diaz still feels like an immigrant in US

Anger and dismay at stalled Guantanamo 9/11 trial

Outgoing leader's rival wins Panama's presidency

Rosario Dawson wants a Dolores Huerta movie

Lucy Hale doesn't kiss and tell in country debut

Russian diva to open third Met season in a row

Fujimori gets out of jail via Twitter, YouTube

Kremlin says Greenpeace crew may be allowed to leave Russia

Venezuela investigates slaying of indigenous chief

Prime suspect sought in Las Vegas shooting, crash

Mattei takes 'step up' to role in 'Parsifal'

Guantanamo trial in 9/11 veers off track again

Rising tenor Fabiano tackles early Verdi

'Sound of Music' actress Eleanor Parker dies at 91

Britten's coronation opera revived after 60 years

New Peru law weakens environmental safeguards

CONVENTION WATCH: Romney on his way, polls tight

Russian star Ovechkin set for $50 bn ice hockey gold

International chef of the year 2013: the other Adria

Reluctant Lynch would rather let feet do talking

Prospect of earlier Bank of England rate hikes seen extending sterling...

Rory McIlroy searching for help after a fat 79

Report: Contract Worker Is Surveillance Source

Report: Chile's Pinochet wanted anti-vote violence

Former NBC news chief now a Yes man

Some in CIA 'torture' report denied chance to read it

NY Fashion Week has its head at the beach

Taliban leader to be a topic at London meeting

New American Airlines CEO vows to make merger work

General's opinion on Benghazi draws a rebuke

'Homeland' co-creator wants Israel to be prime spot for U.S. TV shows

4 Americans meet Snowden to give him an award

Afghan leader alleges US, Taliban are colluding

"Homeland" co-creator wants Israel to be prime spot for US TV shows

US experts: Townley could not have killed Neruda

Ex-CIA chief aided WWII hero's Arlington burial

Backlash stirs in US against foreign worker visas

Petraeus email objected to Benghazi talking points

GOP, Dems challenge Holder over subpoenas to AP

American spy's release would be high-stakes gamble

Timeline: From 'we're under attack' to evacuation

Trio of troubles threatening Obama's second term

Kerry says drone strikes in Pakistan could end

Rice helping Obama juggle foreign policy crises

American spy's release in play for Mideast peace

US diplomat ordered to leave Russia in spy case