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Eritrean asylum seekers find refuge in Swiss monastery

Lebanon sharply limits Syrian refugee entry

Floriade festival attracts more visitors than ever

Eritrean asylum seekers find refuge in famous Swiss monastery

US welcomes Turkish move to let Iraqi Kurds into Syria

Bavaria may house overflow of refugees in Oktoberfest beer tents

Lebanon blocks Syrian refugees from entering - United Nations

Lebanon blocks Syrian refugees from entering - United Nations

Lebanon blocks Syrian refugees from entering: United Nations

Glitzy projects spark rare anger from Syria regime backers

GOP's Gillespie ditches ads in Senate race in Va.

City looks to escape trouble in Champions League

Obama juggles campaign duties with Ebola response

US: Strikes near Kobani have killed hundreds

World fears mount that Ebola battle being lost

Facing new oil glut, Saudis avoid 1980s mistakes to halt price slide

Kobani key to US strategy against Islamic State

The IS fighter who begged for death... and got it

Support agencies brace for asylum seeker influx

Fewer health care options for illegal immigrants

Waiting on fiscal cliff compromise, stocks inch up

NY charity finds shelter for homeless in Hamptons

Hamas links truce to end of Gaza border blockade

Central Asian migrants change the face of Moscow

Li Na is all smiles in return to Melbourne

Flu season strikes early and, in some places, hard

Cameron: Pledges "In-Out" Referendum on EU

UN seeks major aid boost for Syrian 'catastrophe'

G20 police powers necessary: Newman

Pakistan militants prepare for war in Afghanistan

China premier calls for 'human focus' to urbanisation plan

Vodafone in talks to sell Verizon Wireless stake

Samsung unveils smartwatch to power Galaxy Note sales

Renovations at NY Public Library strike a nerve

Famous faces pop up in Machete sequel

Locals divided on Gilbert River 'mega-farm'

Both sides in Syrian talks to meet in 'same room'

Hundreds of S.Sudanese flee to Sudan: UN source

Wave of jellyfish shuts down Swedish nuke reactor

Chemical watchdog urges truces so Syria can disarm

Barroso, Letta pledge funds after Italy refugee disaster

Goulburn Valley growers at risk of suicide after losing supply contracts

Syrian official: War causes $15 billion in losses

Secretary of State's wife hospitalized in Mass.

Abortion: Potential GOP divider in Ga. Senate race

Back to negotiations after student loan plan fails

Construction union worried as companies fall behind on industry payments

Syrian rebels capture major checkpoint in south

AP Interview: Rebels want arms post-EU embargo

UN predicts near doubling of city dwellers by 2050

Bosnian memories preserved in St. Louis