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France's Hollande urges Libya factions to strike political deal

Pope Francis' Mexico remark not meant to offend, Vatican says

Reunions and ransoms: a day online in Myanmar's Rohingya camps

Reunions and ransoms - a day online in Myanmar's Rohingya camps

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Mexico complains about remarks attributed to pope over drug image

Australian PM strikes conciliatory note over Indonesia executions

Overfishing driving slavery on Thailand's seafood boats

Uruguay's Mujica: Guantanamo turned inmates 'halfway into vegetables'

Uruguay's Mujica - Guantanamo turned inmates 'halfway into vegetables'

Stuck in limbo, Bangkok's hidden urban refugees scrape by

BC-AP News Digest 6:30 pm

Southern Baptists officially oppose gay Scout rule

Man to admit stalking AFL player: court

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Child sex workers lured into brutal industry

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Chimps, gorillas, other apes being lost to trade

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Men charged over Perth slave labour racket

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Indian woman on 12-year hunger strike charged

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Madagascar mob lynches three on tourist island

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Study finds dire work conditions on Thai trawlers

Aussie on child sex charges in Philippines

Capture of Zetas leader unlikely to quell violence

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Corby given parole green light

Filipino woman treated as a slave in Canberra after accepting housekeeping...

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Dozens of migrants die of thirst in Niger desert

Tests prove Roma couple are mystery girl's parents

UN inquiry chief left in tears by N. Korea brutality

Kids are pimping out kids for sex in Indonesia

Cameroon author wins top French literary prize

Somali man arrested in Italy on migrant trafficking charges

Greek police release photos of abduction suspects

Olympic city Sochi under fire for anti-migrant drive

Pope wants to step up fight against modern slavery

Gaza protesters demand death penalty as anti-NGOs meet

Grieving Perth father wants life for alleged Silk Road founder Ross...

Jason Mraz tops Myanmar anti-trafficking concert

Singer feared dead in Mexican plane crash

Singer feared dead in Mexican plane crash

Rhino killings for horns rapidly rise in S. Africa