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Opposition fighters

Egypt receives 10 Apache helicopters from U.S.: sources

Egypt receives 10 Apache helicopters from U.S. - sources

New contract awarded for helicopter rescues

Philippines to get frigates, gunboats, helicopters as tension simmers

Aircraft fault, pilot error partly to blame for crash that killed soldier

Findings into helicopter crash released

Police officer injured during car chase

Russian sailors leave French port, Mistral deal still uncertain

Meteorologist Shot Outside TV Station

Man cut free from car after it splits in two

Airlines avoiding Sydney CBD airspace

Logan teenagers in court over car chase

Two dead, one rescued after boat hits rocks in Botany Bay

Russia carried out snap military drills in Kaliningrad region

Westpac rescue chopper wins contact for northern NSW super region

Lava slows but still on track to hit Hawaii market

Six dead in US shootings, manhunt for gunman

Less than 10K still without power in Vermont

France says it has 'neutralised' 200 jihadists in Sahel

Libya Islamists press advance on key oil region

Russian sailors leaving France without warship

Taliban take hundreds hostage at Pakistani military school, 18 dead

Taliban assault on Pakistan school leaves 141 dead

Thousands rally in US cities to protest police killings

Warming leads to more run-ins with polar bears