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In the fog

'Guardians of the Galaxy' soars to new heights at the box office

Syrian rebels seize Golan border crossing on Syria side

A crossroads

Fighting erupts between Syrian army, rebels in Golan Heights

UN confirms 43 UN peacekeepers seized in Syrian Golan

Rebels take Syria crossing with Israel-occupied Golan: NGO

Australia demands release of peacekeepers

Syrian army attacked on multiple fronts, IS claims air base

Filipino UN peacekeepers in Golan clash with Syrian rebels: govt

UN: Armed group detains 43 peacekeepers in Syria

Firefight erupts between militants and Philippine peacekeepers

US: Al-Nusra Front detained UN peacekeepers in Golan Heights

U.N. peacekeepers from Philippines successfully extracted in firefight

Fiji says UN negotiating demands with hostage takers

Israel downs drone from Syria over occupied Golan: army

Fiji says captured peacekeepers moved from UN territory

U.N. was told Golan peacekeepers seized 'for their protection'

Negotiations underway to free Fijian peacekeepers: PM

Syrian rebels, government clash in Golan Heights

Syrian rebels attack peacekeepers in Golan Heights

UN tries to locate Fijian peacekeepers seized on Golan Heights

U.N. tries to locate Fijian peacekeepers seized on Golan Heights

UN peacekeepers seized in Syrian Golan Heights

Syria army, rebels clash as UN bids to free Golan monitors

Fiji says Syrian rebels want compensation, removal from terror list

UN says detained peacekeepers in Syria are 'safe'

U.N., Fiji say no word on location of peacekeepers abducted in Golan...

Syrian army, rebels fight on Golan where peacekeepers held

Philippine troops pull 'greatest escape' in Golan

UN: 'Very fluid' situation on held peacekeepers

Plans for Wollongong gateway development site rejected by planning...

Philippine peacekeepers rescued from militants on Golan: UN

44 Fijian soldiers held captive by rebels in Syria

Fijian UN peacekeepers: Cash, experience a lure although fears remain...

Japan landslides death toll hits 70 one week on

Cameroon's Eto'o retires from internationals

Syrian rebels issue demands for captive UN troops

India to turn Orwell's birthplace into a museum

JPMorgan Chase confirms possible cyber attack

Man and his dog plucked from water in ferry rescue drama

Israel closes Golan area as Syria rebels seize crossing

India begins work to turn Orwell's birthplace into museum

Indonesia, Australia sign new security agreement