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Hamas says it's not meddling in Egyptian affairs

Israel has long history of killing Hamas leaders

Israel arrests 20 Hamas members in West Bank

Gaza premier elected as No. 2 in Hamas leadership

Hamas Gaza ruler meets Egypt intelligence chief

Abbas tries to reassure Israel about Hamas role

Hamas military says any truce must include end to blockade

Hamas says Israeli soldier captured

Hamas could have saved dozens of lives with truce: Egypt

Hamas armed wing claims capture of Israeli soldier

Israel confirms 3 teens found dead, says Hamas responsible

Hamas agrees 12-hour truce from Saturday morning: official

Hamas executes two 'collaborators' with Israel in Gaza: ministry

Hamas says it fired three rockets at Israel airport

US condemns 'brazen' firing of rockets by Hamas

Hamas govt. frees Fatah prisoners in bid for reconciliation

Hamas unveils rocket monument in Gaza City

Israel PM says Hamas responsible for teens' kidnapping

Hamas unveils attack video

Israel calls for Abbas to break pact with Hamas

Israel shells house of Hamas political leader Haniya: son

Israel claims it hit more than 300 Hamas targets in Gaza

Rally calls for unity between Palestinian groups Fatah and Hamas

Israel to 'broaden' campaign if Hamas rejects truce: PM

Suicide truck bomb kills dozens in Syria's Hama

Gaza: Hamas demonstrates against Israeli army measures in Hebron

Hamas 'to pay high price' for strikes, says Netanyahu

Truck bomb kills at least 35 in Syria's Hama: state media

Hamas, Fatah leaders in Eid phone call

Hamas rejects Egypt court ban of Palestinian movement

Hamas releases video said to show operation inside Israel

Egypt bans Hamas activities in Egypt