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"Average is beautiful" - new doll to take on Barbie for Xmas

Tribe rounds up and kills dogs after girl's death

Brazilian GDP Probably Stalled as Levy Summoned to Fix Economy

Banker to be named Brazil finance minister - newspapers

Paying it forward, church gives out money

Former Teacher: James Was "A Lovely Little Boy"

Messages of Hope Pour Into Newtown

Southern Israel residents scared but determined

In Chicago, lifeline schools brace for strike

CPR less likely for minorities on street or home

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People in New York Praise Gun Control Bill

Newtown shooting survivors record song for charity

NY seals 1st state gun laws since Newtown massacre

Conn. group starts anti-violence effort

School bus strike in New York City enters 2nd day

NY town defends Remington factory amid new gun ban

Ariz. high school graduation rate was 74.7 percent

Meal programs expand summer nutrition for kids

Qantas cops second ratings downgrade to junk

China school wall collapse kills two children

Schwartzel finds Memorial magic, others don't

Senior Sharks need to step up, says winger

Exclusive: Spelling Bee's New Vocab Test

First lady lauds effort to preserve DC slave house

Fast-moving New Mexico blaze causes evacuations

Keegan Bradley shoots course-record 60 at Nelson

LeBron shoes being auctioned for Newtown families

Gun control backers: Senate defeat won't stop us

Shop that sold gun to Newtown mom loses license

Masters over, it's back to the books for Guan

Shop that sold guns to Newtown mom had violations

Seal pup learning to swim again after amputation

Future of house where Ohio victims held debated

After delay, W.Va. Senate passes amended ed bill

Little PSY goes solo after 'Gangnam Style' cameo

Police in 1 Minnesota town set up shop in schools

Minn. man charged with murder in shooting spree

Fitch lowers rating on McGraw-Hill

Giffords pleads for gun curbs NRA fights back

Tyrone Roberts to captain Knights against First Nation Goannas

Lucy Li Has a Blast, Except for 3 Holes

Adelaide CBD shutdown for fugitive search

Why would gay ally Jonah Hill let out a slur?

US Open a reunion for 2 players, 1 caddie

120 Palestinian children leave Damascus camp siege to sit exams

Connecticut school shooting responders honored

Dragons grab valuable NRL win