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French workers sue Goodyear in Ohio to save jobs

2 Goodyear managers freed under French police protection after 2 days held...

Japan tyremaker shares drop on dissolved Goodyear alliance

Goodyear will build a new blimp fleet

Goodyear's blimp replacement takes flight in Ohio

Strong North American 4Q leads Goodyear earnings

Goodyear unveils next-generation blimp, seeks name

Goodyear posts first quarter loss of $58M

CEO who mocked France offers plant takeover

Clashes at Goodyear protest of factory closure

French workers at threatened plant sign payoff deal with Goodyear

Goodyear 3Q earnings up 51 percent

Tire workers confront French police over layoffs

US court dismisses French Goodyear plant closure lawsuit

Goodyear tops 4Q Europe weighs on outlook

El Nino predicted for 2014

South Australian harvest finishes early

Knoxville federal secrets case to get resentencing

Goodyear Tire 3Q net income falls 32 percent

Goodyear factory workers hold managers captive in France

Suntech Power to close Arizona factory

NSW rain over the weekend a real boost

'Bossnapped' Goodyear execs freed in France

Workers seize 2 bosses at French Goodyear site

South Australian growers on track for big harvest

Stocks are higher Time Warner Cable jumps

Harvest begins in northern Victoria and Southern NSW

Matsuzaka released by Indians, expected to re-sign

Stocks rise modestly as Fed begins meeting

Stocks rise on Wall Street, led by technology

Higher earnings, deal news send US stocks higher

Indians sign pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka

2013 a good year for Aussie households

Indians join 'Harlem Shake' craze with video

Captive Goodyear bosses freed at French site

In grim French north, worker protests seem doomed

An early rally fades on the US stock market

Stocks end mixed after Fed delivers no surprises

Holmes tells Allure she hopes 2013 is 'peaceful'

Stocks edge mostly higher as traders watch the Fed

France considers amnesty for ransacking strikers

Table grape growers want to pay lazy workers less

Aussie crops a famine or feast

Graziers fight drought in South Australia's far north

Sector Snap: Venezuela money move may hurt US cos.

Police: Phoenix area man killed wife over HIV fear

Dunemann given boot by Raiders

The AFL zip is back for Bulldogs' Cooney

Hernandez extends Phoenix A-League deal

Barclays chief executive declines annual bonus

WA farmers deliver record grain harvest

WA drought survivors giving back

Dairy change in 2014

Wall St. cash bonus pool up 15 pct to $26.7 billion in 2013: NYS...

Floods spark fears for turtle food

Retail growth promised as spending slows

UK's Whitbread says starts year well