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Dempsey: Putin May Light Fire and Lose Control

Dempsey: US Assessing Iraqi Forces, Leaders

Joint chiefs chairman in Afghanistan for talks

US general's visit to Iraq includes talks on Syria

Panetta, Dempsey to testify on Libya attack

Senators call for end to Afghan helicopter deal

SKorea's top military officer puts off US trip

Sen. McCain plans to stall Dempsey's nomination

Hagel cites 'growing threat' from NKorean nukes

Beetle Bailey creator honored on 90th birthday

Senators seek answers from Joint Chiefs chairman

Hagel: 200 Military Advisors Now in Iraq

DOD: Budget Issues Hurt Fighting Forces

DOD: Budget Issues Hurt Fighting Forces

Dempsey: Decision on post-2014 US force can wait

Seasoned combat leader takes over Africa Command

Dempsey: Reports of MIA flaws are discouraging

Military Top Brass Grilled Over Sexual Assaults

Mrs. Obama praises military children as 'heroes'

Dempsey: Snowden has hurt US ties with others

Top military leader outlines costs, risks on Syria

Dempsey says NKorean provocations fit long pattern

Top military leader disputes diplomat on Benghazi

Panetta: Don't jump to conclusions about Allen

US urges China collaboration on cyber intrusions

US general: Afghan pullout could reverse gains

NATO head: No Afghan deal means no troops past '14

Reported Syria attack tests US hope to avoid war

China says new North Korea nuclear test possible

Top officers issue urgent warning over budget cuts

Panetta: Women Integral to Military's Success

Panetta orders ethics training review for officers

Pentagon: Armed drones guard US interests in Iraq

Afghan rockets damage US general's plane

US general: Taliban likely to be long-term threat

Military looks to place quick forces after Libya

Dempsey: No assault on Iraq unless US threatened

US Tries to Tamp Down New Concerns Over NKorea

White House to give senators Benghazi documents

Pentagon moving to freeze hiring, delay contracts

US looks to send training teams to Lebanon, Iraq

Joint Chiefs: Looming cuts would 'hollow' military

US slams Russian anti-ship missiles going to Syria

Pentagon: Budget crisis could hurt war effort

Hagel orders review of US defense strategy

US preparing for possible further NKorea actions

Rising Afghan insider attacks imperil US strategy

US top general seeks Afghan troops deal by October

Senator: Fire commanders allowing sex assault

Hagel orders review of sex-abuse prevention

McKeon says many to blame for DOD's fiscal dilemma

US Afghan commander cleared in Petraeus email case

Initial review of Iraq forces done no decisions

New US commander takes the helm in Afghanistan

General in charge of nuclear missiles is fired

Hagel: budget cuts won't erode US military power

Senators blast military response to sex assaults

Pentagon chief calls Boston attack 'act of terror'

Jordan: No attack on Syria from our soil

NATO chief: Not just Karzai can sign Afghan pact