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Blast aboard Gaza activists' 'Ark' intended to break siege

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Gaza bombardment

Rocket barrage sparks Gaza airstrikes

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Israel agrees to six-hour Gaza humanitarian truce

Israeli air strike kills three in Gaza City as toll rises to 121 - medics

UNRWA: Children are one quarter of fatalities in Gaza

Hamas executes two 'collaborators' with Israel in Gaza: ministry

New Israeli air strikes against militants in the Gaza Strip

New Israeli raids kill 8 in Gaza: medics

Gaza official: Israeli fire kills Palestinian

Gaza faces power outages amid political infighting

AP PHOTOS: Images from Israeli assault in Gaza

Egypt border restrictions leave thousands stranded

Two Palestinians killed by Israeli drone in Gaza

Hamas armed wing claims capture of Israeli soldier

Israel launches dozens of air raids on Gaza Strip

Israel strikes in Gaza after rocket attack

UN says Gaza construction industry near collapse

Israel army tells Palestinians in north Gaza to evacuate

Israeli air raids on Gaza Strip as tensions escalate

'Likely stray' rocket from Gaza wounds Egyptian soldier

Israeli air raid kills two Palestinians in Gaza

World Cup spectators perish in Gaza air strike

UN in Gaza closing food distribution centers

Israel claims it hit more than 300 Hamas targets in Gaza

Five killed in two Israeli air strikes on Gaza, say medics

Israel strikes north Gaza after rocket fire

Israeli warplanes strike back over Gaza rocket salvo

UN in Gaza closing food distribution centers

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Hamas announces birth of two lion cubs in Gaza

Kerry warns of 'great risks' of more Gaza violence

Gaza Hamas supporters protest against Egypt ban

Netanyahu and Cameron condemn rocket attacks from Gaza

Gaza's armed factions vow to avenge West Bank 'oppression'

Gaza funeral for three Palestinians killed in blast

Gaza: funeral of a Palestinian killed by an Israeli air strike

Israelis watch Gaza operation from hills of Sderot

Palestinians inspect damage of Israeli raid on Gaza

Gaza cops trade bullets for laser-tech in training

Three dead in Israeli tank shelling in Gaza: medics

Israel strikes in Gaza in response to rocket attack