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Ex-general, CIA chief Petraeus gets probation, $100,000 fine in leak case

WikiLeaks case file fight moves to federal court

Assange could stay in embassy for 5 years

Work keeps confined Assange sane: dad

Assange positive about future of politics

Bookies think Assange could win seat

Minister: Iceland refused to help FBI on WikiLeaks

Assange protesters to push on

Iceland's wild scenery, tax breaks lure Hollywood

Assange or seat warmer for WikiLeaks

4 Americans meet Snowden to give him an award

For leak, Bradley Manning gets stiffest punishment

Assange just an attention seeker: Howard

Australian Electoral Commission approves WikiLeaks Party registration

Assange to give video address at Splendour

Snowden 'safe and healthy': Assange

Snowden made other asylum bids: WikiLeaks

Edward Snowden helped by WikiLeaks to leave Hong Kong and seek asylum in...

Snowden not on flight to Cuba, whereabouts unclear

AP's Carroll praises US press protection changes

US said unlikely to prosecute Assange for publishing leaks

BBC's Sherlock returns from the dead

Bishop condemns WikiLeaks party meeting with Assad

Calle 13 singer says Palestinians like Puerto Rico

Clooney's fiancee named to UN Gaza inquiry team

Swedish court upholds arrest warrant for Assange

Swiss ex-banker and whistleblower indicted for WikiLeaks leak

Hong Kong property moguls on trial in huge graft case

Billionaire brothers plead not guilty as mammoth Hong Kong graft case...

Lebanon in frenzy over Clooney-Alamuddin engagement

Assange says will leave Ecuador embassy in London 'soon'

Assange says will leave London embassy 'soon'

WikiLeaks founder Assange to leave embassy "soon" citing health

Julian Assange 'fears for family'

Assange asked to model at London Fashion Week

Hope and anger: Assange marks two years inside

Clooney, bride-to-be glide in 'Amore' to Venice wedding weekend

George Clooney's wedding brings the stars to Venice

Clooney keeps rumor mill whirling after Venice wedding

Clooney meets his match in rights lawyer bride

Snowden, Assange, Dotcom accuse NZ govt. of spying

Ecuador expels US officers, cancels military program

Amal Alamuddin Clooney gets back to work in Greece

Oratorio raises disorienting voice for Chelsea Manning

Mrs Clooney to fight for return of Greek marbles from Britain

Former Swiss Banker Collapses at Start of WikiLeaks Trial

Benedict Cumberbatch wins praise for troubled genius

Swedish prosecutors seek to question Assange in London

Amal Clooney to lecture on human rights law at Columbia University

Sony Pictures condemns Wikileaks release of documents from hackers

Hacker who turned Manning in takes witness stand

Prosecutor: Manning dumped info into enemy hands

Aust hasn't washed hands of Assange: Carr

3 days in, Bradley Manning trial comes into focus

Bradley Manning trial begins 3 years after arrest

WikiLeaks Party closer to registering

APNewsBreak: NSA leaker Snowden not welcome in UK

Govt hasn't helped me since 2010: Assange

Top military court rules on Manning document issue

Send him back: US urges nations to return Snowden

Snowden mystery deepens: All eyes on airport

Jemima Khan turns back on Assange

Westwood champions Assange on London catwalk

Ecuador's Correa breezes to 2nd re-election