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Image of Asia: Riding the waves as Australia hit by storms

Dangerous Storm Wreaks Havoc on Australia

Australia's east coast battered by cyclone-like storm

Flood in Chinese coal mine leaves 21 dead

Wildfire near Southern California dam threatens 300 homes

Four dead as super storm lashes Australian east coast

Super storm lashes Australian east coast for third day

Migrants keep arriving

Japan court supports planned restart of 2 nuclear reactors

Missing mariner is man who survived 12 days lost at sea

Browne wins rain-shortened Greater Gwinnett Championship

South Africa's Zulu king wants end to 'vile' xenophobic attacks

Storms developing from Texas through central Nebraska

Capital concerns take shine off Credit Suisse's profit rise

Egypt runners defy Cairo mayhem as sport's popularity grows

Foreigners who came to Brazil in boom times flee the bust

Feeling safe? Try attending Internet security conference

Guam's tourism plan raises concerns

Pope asks Europe to do more for migrants flooding into Italy

Scientists convinced of tie between earthquakes and drilling

Stocks rise on tech earnings Nasdaq adds to record

Angelina Jolie rips world powers on Syria's refugee crisis

South Africa's 'Rainbow Nation' turns dark as immigrant attacks rise

Rooftop restaurant provides rare bright spot in Gaza

Green Day plows into Rock Hall along with Jett, Ringo, Reed

Falling prices, rising threats cool interest in Kurdish oil

U.S. strike inadvertently killed U.S., Italian hostages Obama apologises

U.S. strike inadvertently killed U.S., Italian hostages Obama apologizes

Profiles of 4 killed by drones: aid workers, terror suspects

Defiant Hong Kongers resist embrace of mainland China

Bundaberg man jailed for flood appeal fraud

Memorial out to battle phone distractions

Distraught mom becomes face of Oklahoma storm

Qld Government dumps electricity rebate plan, flood levy

Smart thinking needed as Perth and its issues expand

State-by-state look at Iowa to Mid-Atlantic storm

Germany to draw up $10.6-billion flood damage fund

Tapped man rescued from floodwaters

Massive storm system hitting Mid-Atlantic

Mexico reports severe flooding in border city

Crime doubts persist in Brazil ahead of events

Protecting NYC: mayor's plan, successor's question

Cleanup at Prague zoo underway after flooding

Disasters proving too costly: report

Qld cattle industry in crisis: graziers

Bieber criticized for Anne Frank comment

Burst water main closes Wellington Street again

Coastal residents warned about growing flood threat

Gold has its steepest plunge in 30 years

Mental health fears emerge amid Bundaberg flood clean-up

Chinese air their cases by petitioning White House

Falling yen to make Japan's goods more affordable

House chairman sees IRS errors as part of pattern

With Flick of Finger, a Dumb House Gets Smart

Cyclone Mahasen fizzles as it hits Bangladesh

Qld Government considers billion-dollar natural disaster levy

American cancels all US flights for several hours

Gay marriage becomes legal in New Zealand

Gillard unmoved by NZ gay marriage vote