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New laws to strengthen national security agencies

Vic govt to continue to seek Shaw support

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Govt legacy focus of final parliament week

Overseas Indians travel home to support Modi

Labor, coalition in cost of living battle

Greens agree to back wheat deregulation bill

Coalition backs Medicare levy rise

Moves to repeal 457 legislation could deny Australian workers jobs, warns...

Man faces court over Assembly white powder scare

Tasmanian Liberal stalwart Michael Hodgman dies

Canberra set to get more politicians

Timber deal splits Greens

Govt to cut jihadists' social security

Former union chief elected new Australian Labor leader

No imperative for govt to save Qantas

Govt ignores pleas of charities

Lavrov tells Kerry Russia's Crimea move will not be revisited

Carbon tax: a timeline of its tortuous history in Australia

GP fears Medicare co-payment would be 'death knell'

WA Greens MP Lynn MacLaren introduces Same Sex Marriage Bill 2013 to State...

WA Premier admits it's not clear how to proceed with a Senate re-election

Clive Palmer hoses down talk of party merger

Tasmanian Parliament backs forest peace deal

Smelter bill tabled in Parliament

Medicare levy increase passes lower house

ASIO needs more power, former anti-terrorism law watchdog says

Was Paul Keating a great treasurer?

Government continues talks with crossbench MPs on new 457 visa rules as...

Crackdown flagged on stolen valour

Gillard welcomes Abbott support for NDIS

Qantas cuts 5000 jobs, sparks debate

PM says media laws uphold freedom