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Obama at UN pledges steps to more open government

UAE's 1st female fighter pilot carried out strikes

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Six years after AIG bailout, trial asks - was it legal?

RAAF task group 'ready for Iraq combat'

Mass shootings on the rise in United States, FBI report finds

Modi election points to India economy 'turnaround', ADB says

Most new immigrant families fail to report in: US

Global solar flight to start, end in Abu Dhabi

Social, national security to head parliament agenda

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New refugee visas could provide boost for rural communities and farm...

Novartis ordered to face U.S. lawsuit over doctor kickbacks

Fed hawk Fisher says U.S. risks falling behind curve on inflation

Australia moves closer to Iraq mission

Canada, EU formally conclude free trade pact

Italy Finmeccanica sues US over Airbus helicopter deal

US: Most new immigrant families fail to report

Australian counterterror officer shoots man dead

While ECB struggles, Federal Reserve sees recovery

CITIC seeks Palmer Mineralogy injunction

UNHCR, Amnesty International condemn Cambodian refugee resettlement...

Lawsuit accuses Indian PM of role in 2002 violence

Lawsuit makes for awkward start to Modi's big U.S. visit

Meeting on Australia's involvement in Iraq expected within days - Bishop

India's 100 richest now all billionaires: Forbes

S&ampP wins right to Geithner documents in $5 billion U.S. fraud lawsuit

UNHCR, Amnesty International condemn Cambodian refugee resettlement...

Queensland Government-owned firm QIC Limited invests in payday lender Cash...

No briefing on Haider threat to PM: Abbott

Obama to expand ocean preserve to 6 times the size

US judge calls Argentina in contempt in debt case

Teenager shot shows Australia Islamic State terrorist threat

Yemen rebels clash with Hadi forces, US embassy 'targeted'

EU says Apple gets illegal tax benefits in Ireland

Hong Kong students storm government HQ in challenge to Beijing

US mass shootings increase in recent years: FBI

Hong Kong protesters stockpile supplies, prepare for long haul

Middle-class squeeze: From day care to health care

Campaign to keep natural gas reserves for industry

Strong dollar, rising volatility mark third-quarter. Same again in fourth?

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Five Queensland bikie gangs targeted by national police taskforce...

Indian leader Modi heads for White House visit

Protesters stay out on Hong Kong streets, defying Beijing

Hong Kong protesters stockpile supplies, fear fresh police advance

New U.S. tax rules chill 'inversion' deal-making shares dive

Brazil's Silva vows to clean up regulatory agencies

Europe's German growth locomotive on strike

Analysis - Europe's German growth locomotive on strike

Ukraine to shut Russia border, seek EU membership

Third US Ebola Patient Released From Hospital