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'Cops' crew member killed in Omaha police shooting

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Police Bullet Kills `Cops' Film Crew Member

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Tim Hortons a big part of Canadian identity

Robber and TV crewman killed in US police shooting

Cuba cracks down on goods in flyers' luggage

Burger King has maneuvered to cut US tax bill for years

Burger King has maneuvered to cut US tax bill for years

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Burger King, Tim Hortons merge to form fast-food giant

Seoul: Trains, fast cell service, palaces and food

After Stinging Loss, GOP Soul Searching Begins

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Anti-McDonald's fight heads to US

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New in rural Tennessee: Discovery Park of America

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Obesity declines among rich teens, rises in poor

Beale, O'Connor cleared after late night

Woman found murdered in street in Logan

Licensing change allows alcohol without a meal

Fast-food workers across US push for higher wages

Another violent incident in Sydney

Mayoral run revives the name Rodney Allen Rippy

McDonald's hires back Steve Easterbrook

McDonald's sales hit by weakness in Asia, Europe

Fish McBites fail to spark McDonald's sales

Stocks gain for sixth day on strong jobs growth

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Put down your cell phones at mealtime, say researchers

Police find parts of ute in search for missing Gold Coast woman

Runoff in Mississippi for GOP Senate nomination

McDonald's workers protest low wages, more than 100 arrested

US fast-food chain: leave guns at home

Missouri inmate dies while serving life sentence

India tennis star Mirza cries over Pakistan taunt

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Meat supplier: China unit fell short of standards

Clarification: Fast Food Workers-Convention story