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Derryn Hinch arrested after failing to pay fine

Iran, world powers fail to clinch nuclear deal

Kerry, Lavrov fail to reach Ukraine deal

President insists S.Sudan violence was failed coup

Valuable auction items fail to sell

Argentina faces default as 'vulture fund' talks fail

Tata Nano, other Indian cars fail crash tests

Pro-EU campaigners keep rallying as EU fails to lure Kiev

US fines Asiana $500,000 over San Francisco crash

Chevron finds it failed to inspect faulty pipe

Missing plane search widens further

Three go missing on Queensland boat trip

Lauryn Hill Sentenced for Failing to Pay Taxes

NY Governor: Utility Companies Failed in Sandy

NRL star Brett Stewart on DUI charge

NASA preps for spacewalks to fix failed valve on ISS

ACT non-voters face court

Newton sushi store admits to more than 40 food hygiene breaches

Failed crops help boost feed supplies

Bank of America fails to end U.S. government's mortgage fraud lawsuit

Ed Helms joins the Special Forces in 'Epic Fail'

Vietnam Airlines flight abandons take-off, states engine issues