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N. Korea arrests S. Korean spy: state media

Hawaii is a spot for sun, surf _ and spies

Industrial spying probe at CSIRO: report

Germany kicks out top US spy over espionage claims

Turkish PM threatens to ban Facebook, YouTube

Egypt's Morsi to be tried for 'espionage', Hamas ties

Germany to investigate NSA bugging of Merkel's phone

CIA under investigation for monitoring Senate

Taiwan major 'held on China spying claims'

Canada's new defense HQ bugged

Evidence suggests GI's leaks revealed tactics

US war on news leaks imperils press freedom: watchdog

In South Korea, ex-spy remains stuck in the cold

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Germany investigating second US spy suspect

German space research centre under espionage attack

Egypt's Morsi faces trial for prison break, murder: prosecution

Obama speaks with Merkel after spy row

Chinese companies under US cyber espionage cloud have local links

Russia drops piracy claims vs Greenpeace activists

US accuses China of cyber spying on American companies

Prosecutor: Researcher stole cancer data for China

Israeli jailed for espionage goes free after 26 months

Brazil leader postpones trip to US over spying

US-Brazil tensions rise after new NSA spy report

Senior S.Korean intelligence official resigns

Manning case unlikely to affect other leak probes

Chinese researcher pleads guilty in Wis. drug case

Britain's domestic spy agency names new director

Mexico demands US answers on German media reports of spying

Iranian hackers use fake Facebook accounts to spy on US

Sarkozy phone tap scandal backfires on French government

Microsoft stops probing Hotmail to plug leaks

Snowden's lawyer assumes his Russian asylum will be extended