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EU energy chief expects gas talks with Russia, Ukraine by mid-Sept

Australia's largest wind farm manufacturer says 130 jobs are at risk due...

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Solar power subsidies in doubt

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Japan, India agree to speed up nuclear energy talks

Electrical Trade Union says electricity network changes will hit south...

North Qld sugar mill's multi-million dollar investment will survive...

TSX steady as resources slip, National Bank gains

Renewable energy target doubt inspires coastal town solar farm

RET changes could stifle sugar industry investment

Ukraine's PM says Russia has plans to block gas flows to Europe

Shell CEO says U.S. should export oil to stabilize markets

Weeding out the problem at a National conference in Hobart

Storms packing 60 mph winds hit Michigan

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Abbott Imperils Renewables in Australia With Policy Review

Florida power utilities fear return of 'Green Governor' Charlie Crist

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Cheap energy pulls down euro zone producer prices drop in July

Solar farm developer wants investments 'protected' as RET review considered

Texas' Joe Barton backs lifting oil export ban despite peers' misgivings

US coal stocks could gain on Russia tension

Russian gas cut to Ukraine unlikely to hurt Europe: analysts

Underground lab glimpses 'soul' of the Sun

Scrapping the Renewable Energy Target a ‘horrifying’ prospect for...

Ukraine warns Europe of Russian gas cut-off, Moscow denies

Angola to 'forgive' half of Mozambique's debt

TSX up for third straight month on energy, bank share gains

Man's death after too many energy drinks prompts mother to highlight...

Book released with research findings of 10 years of studying the Otway...

Potential wind back of Renewable Energy Target adds to west coast woes

Europe drafts emergency energy plan with eye on Russia gas shut-down

RET review panel panned