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Ambulances in Colo. Equipped for Bike Lovers

Woman charged with attempted murder at Murwillumbah

Vandalism in US state shows the Internet's vulnerability

Storm drops more snow on Colorado areas, I-70 backs up

Vandalism in Arizona shows the Internet's vulnerability

Striking FairPoint workers ratify tentative agreement

Police call death of Missouri auditor an 'apparent suicide'

Natural gas blast destroys home, injures 15

Kharkiv protesters rush to aid wounded following explosion at Ukraine rally

High-level US and Iran nuclear talks resume

U.S. House rejects stopgap security agency funding, partial shutdown looms

Ice storm hits parts of Texas, canceling flights, crippling traffic

What happens, and does not, in Homeland shutdown

What happens, and not, in Homeland Security shutdown

Fifty injured as Southern California train hits truck

Winter brings arctic air, freezing rain, snow across US

Some Republican governors back Homeland Security showdown

Can Reno handle the challenges of its economic successes?

Insight - Can Reno handle the challenges of its economic successes?

Well-educated 'Jihadi John' no surprise to experts

Homeless people need libraries, and libraries need them, too

Judge: Tsarnaev supporters can demonstrate near court entry

House rejects stopgap security agency funding, partial shutdown looms

Southern California commuter train, truck collide, 51 hurt

West Bank settlers vote although outside of sovereign Israel

Gas leak gathered in basement, caused explosion that hurt 15

New round of winter weather dumps more snow on the South

Police: Alzheimer's patient, 87, kills roommate at facility

Reunions and ransoms: a day online in Myanmar's Rohingya camps

Expert: Alzheimer's beating shows disease's unpredictability

Yellen navigates tricky path on interest rates

Reunions and ransoms - a day online in Myanmar's Rohingya camps

Zionism debate at heart of bitter Israeli vote

Europe's big telecoms roar back to health, worrying rivals

Britain's would-be finance ministers sum up stark choice for voters

Why would GOP candidate for Missouri governor kill himself?

'American Sniper' suspect's ex-comrades mourn man they knew

Hadi, once-quiet leader of Yemen, strikes newly defiant pose

HSBC bosses reject calls to quit after 'terrible list' of problems

What determines the perfect candidate for 2016?

Insight - Jordan takes no chances in confronting homegrown Jihadis

Insight: Jordan takes no chances in confronting homegrown Jihadis

New woes for Wrong tax info sent out

Budget cuts pare real-time monitoring of volcanoes

Wineries want to help raise a glass to veterans

Japan-India summit aims at nuke technology talks

LinkedIn looks to build on its impressive resume

Vic man died after waiting hours for ambos

Sexual assault rife in psychiatric hospitals: report

Fitch upgrades Greece's credit rating

Thousands flee Colo. wildfire 92 homes destroyed

Tapped man rescued from floodwaters

EU gets deal on trans-Atlantic trade pact mandate

Massive storm system hitting Mid-Atlantic

Investigator denies harrassing Labor MP

Toews wins Selke Award for best defensive forward

Cheap translations, but not replacement for humans

NY judge: Fed plan for morning-after pill sales OK

Plane makes emergency landing in Mildura

New Myspace takes it back to the future

Tereshkova marks 50 years of her historic flight

Emergency manager: Detroit won't pay $2.5B it owes

MP says SA emergency agencies struggling to cope

Private hospital funded to cover ambulance ramping

Conn. Commuter Trains Collide 60 Go to Hospital

Greece faces slow, jobless recovery next year

Baby's death raises concern over Gladstone Hospital