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Man charged after in-flight drama forced emergency landing in Oberon

Planes collide over Switzerland, injuring seven

Elderly passenger can't recall trying to take control of NSW flight,...

Toyota's most rugged Land Cruiser is back in Japan

Pentagon cites 'dangerous' Chinese jet intercept

China warplane in 'dangerous' intercept with US jet: Pentagon

Chinese media warn US over warplane interception

Chinese jet barrel-rolls over US navy plane prompting protest

Big increases in Emergency Services Levy unavoidable, SA Government claims

Extra fire crews flown to Broome to contain huge blaze

People living on APY Lands struggling to access superannuation: SA...

Bore drilling underway to seek water for the Gascoyne Food Bowl expansion

US top guns in Darwin dog-fight drills as China tensions rise

Wild dogs starting to bite in to NSW sheep industry

Merkel backs Spain's economy minister to lead Eurogroup

Pilot's fate unknown in fighter jet crash

Liberal MP's 2011 campaign partly funded by Buildev, ICAC hears

ATSB launches campaign to prevent deaths from plane power loss in midair

ICAC: Bart Bassett stands aside from Liberal Party amid NSW political...

Germany signals will continue EU austerity drive

Philippine economy rebounds, joins Asia top performers

Sierra Leone makes hiding Ebola patients illegal

China's mixed martial artists rising up from the fields

AP ANALYSIS: A grim stalemate at war's end in Gaza

Ebola spreads in Nigeria Liberia has 1,000 deaths

Islamic State shifts war plan, US at 'tipping point'

WHO warns of "shadow zones" and unreported Ebola cases

Ukraine: 2 tank columns from Russia enter Ukraine

Man behind Ice Bucket Challenge dies in diving accident

Brazil vows Sao Paulo water supply under control as basins dry

Chilean town shaken by reminders of deadly quake

US economy could withstand brief fall off 'cliff'

4 dead in Moscow airliner crash

Autopsy: NY gunman shot self, not hit by police

Housing project where Supremes lived coming down

NJ's barrier islands are scenes of devastation

Southern Israel residents scared but determined

AP IMPACT: NYC flood protection won't be easy

Airbuses suffer cockpit power failure, await fixes

Bermuda on alert as storm likely to skirt island

Rescues continue as Isaac floods parts of La.

Remnant of Hurricane Isaac lurks in Gulf of Mexico

US superstorm threat launches mass evacuations

Colo. fire destroys dozen homes others evacuated

Central Asian migrants change the face of Moscow

9 killed in tour bus crash along Oregon highway

Plane crash-lands on Myanmar road, 2 killed

Tourist prank endangers rescue chopper crew

First Person: Busy Times for Obama Lookalike

Fla. 'python challenge' draws about 800 hunters

FAA Grounds Boeing 787s to Address Battery Fires

Dreamliner woes spotlight Japan battery maker

Japan probe suspects excess voltage in 787 battery

Transcripts show Fed underestimated crisis in 2007