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Labor to launch campaign on Sept 1

Labor pips Libs in election spending

Election campaign enters final two weeks

Obama strategists to help Rudd campaign

Election live coverage: Date set for debate as leaders crisscross eastern...

Riot police intervenes during South African election rally

Kevin Rudd challenges Tony Abbott to a series of debates before election...

ABC News Video - Updated 10 Times Daily

ABC News Video - Updated 10 Times Daily

Freight and biosecurity two big issues for election campaign

Istanbul residents prepare for key mayoral vote Sunday

Embattled Erdogan rallies Berlin's Turkish community

Election campaign in Hungary in high gear as vote nears

Femen activists rally against French far-right in Paris

Arias wraps up Panama campaign

Campaigning ends ahead of Guinea-Bissau elections

Erdogan's main election rival launches 'unity' campaign

Election posters crowd Baghdad as campaign kicks

Cameron campaigns ahead of UK by-elections

Aboriginal health election priorities in SA

Obama campaign releases list of top fundraisers

ABC News Video - Updated 10 Times Daily

Voluntary Euthanasia Party is born

Asylum seeker policy ads fine to run during election campaign,...

Tasmanian Government in caretaker mode before March poll

Labor and Coalition agree to Sunday night leaders' debate at National...

Erdogan cancels election rallies to rest voice - office

Clinton to campaign in Ohio, Florida

Romney campaign launches donation by text message

Campaigning ends in Afghanistan

Job creation remains key issue in Tasmanian election campaign

ACT Labor party election report

CSG checks driven by election campaign

Romney: Obama Victory Would Mean More Gridlock

Campaigning ramps up in Madagascar as elections near

Former Indian film star eyes pivotal election role

Thai protesters step up campaign to disrupt elections

Rudd going to Canberra for Syria briefing

Mood of the Nation: Businessman sees a recovery

Afghan presidential candidate's aides shot dead

Protesters dump mud outside Kevin Rudd's electorate office

South Australian Labor Party launches election campaign

Tasmanian Senator-elect Jacqui Lambie and others avoid prosecution for...

Anti-Labor line embarrasses journos: Albo

Labor launches election campaign with TV ad

WA Labor's campaign labels Premier 'arrogant'

Rudd gets more briefings on Syria

Schools declared election campaign-free zones

Bill Shorten flies to Hobart to support Labor election campaign launch,...

I've been let down: Tim Owen

French ex-president Sarkozy held for questioning: legal source