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Cameron makes football blunder in UK election speech

Twittering teenagers swoon over British Labour leader Miliband

Opposition leader accuses Cameron of weakening UK in world

A guide to US political money: campaigns, PACs, super PACs

A guide to political money: campaigns, PACs, super PACs

5 Things to know about Bush's experiment in campaign finance

Social media a key battleground in Britain's election

Sudanese President Bashir wins 94.05 percent of vote: election organisers

Bush campaign strategy would make novel use of outside group

'Pumped up' PM Cameron ditches suit to answer campaign critics

New Zealand Prime Minister apologizes for ponytail pulling

Sri Lankan police arrest former president's brother

Campaign launches to elect first female U.N. Secretary-General

Bangladeshi opposition leader says will retaliate if election is rigged

UK's Cameron shifts tack as election campaign fails to shift dial

Cameron shifts tack as election campaign fails to shift dial

Primary colors: Britain chooses artist to chronicle election

Togo to vote in presidential election amid political unrest

Togolese leader set to extend rule in presidential election

Togo votes in election seen extending president's rule

House rebels blame GOP leaders for falling contributions

Ukrainian-born Blavatnik tops UK rich list, Queen falls out of top 300

Judge in Oklahoma deputy shooting considers recusal

Former UK PM Major says Scottish nationalists risk destabilizing Britain

HSBC considers moving headquarters from Britain

France to miss 2017 deficit goal, jobless rate to dip slowly

South Korea's prime minister offers to quit amid bribery scandal

Sudanese President Bashir wins 94.05 percent of vote

Burundi ruling party nominates president for third term, risking unrest

Clinton's infant granddaughter a touchstone in 2016 campaign

Firebrand, survivor face off in UK's wildest election race

Tribal businessman upsets former Navajo president in race

Campaigning Clinton has qualms about trade deal

Clinton gives glimpse of how she plans to run as a woman

Kazakhstan goes to polls as president expected to win

UK's future on the line in election, says former PM Major

Buenos Aires primary swept by opposition presidential candidate's party

Cameron scores own goal with pre-election football gaffe

BNP executive tipped as front-runner to head Bank of France

Populist Conservative budget puts Canada's Liberals in election squeeze

Britain, France urge U.N. action on Middle East, NZ drafting text

Labour woos young voters with pledge to cut home buyers' tax

Eyeing election, Canada Conservatives balance budget with asset sales

South Korea's Park accepts PM's resignation in illegal funds scandal

Volunteer deputy heading to Bahamas amid manslaughter charge

Ahead of election, Miliband says PM Cameron has squandered Britain's...

Cameron's coalition partner - We can return as kingmaker with half as many...

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal getting little traction for 2016

Benin president denies third term bid as vote proceeds

Noticing Nicola: SNP leader makes mark in race

Mother of Ukraine pilot jailed in Russia seeks global help

Conservative donors Koch brothers prefer Walker in 2016: NY Times

Not long ago, Rubio questioned his readiness for presidency

Gay marriage tough issue for Republican White House hopefuls

Illinois lawmakers fast-track OKs for Obama, Lucas museums

Attorneys: Memo shows special treatment for reserve deputy

2009 memo describes concerns about Oklahoma reserve deputy

Pakistan military's move on Karachi seen part of 'creeping coup'

Burundi ruling party nominates president for third term, risking unrest

On the hunt for the presidency, Jeb Bush adopts a 'caveman' diet

Democrats blast US House Benghazi probe as out to get Clinton

Training expert says Oklahoma police laws need changes

Gay marriage a difficult issue for GOP White House hopefuls

Mass march in L.A. on Armenian massacre anniversary

UK premier defends royals' right to choose birth hospital

Clinton says new book an example of 'distractions and attacks'

Obama to Democratic trade critics: 'I take that personally'

Close to power, Finnish populists tone down anti-Athens policies

Ferry anger, corruption charges test South Korean president

In Iowa for Faith &amp Freedom, Republican contenders face tricky balance