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Israel strike kills Gaza family as Egypt readies new talks

Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt meet to discuss Nile dam project

Egypt to invite delegates to resume Gaza truce talk: Abbas

Egypt denies 'direct' role in air raids on Libya

Egypt queries Mursi over documents 'leaked' to Al Jazeera - security...

Egypt queries Mursi over documents 'leaked' to Al Jazeera

Egypt queries Mursi over documents 'leaked' to Al Jazeera: security sources

Egypt probes Morsi for 'giving security papers to Qatar': MENA

Israel air strike kills two in Gaza after Egypt calls talks

Wife of jailed Morsi aide pleads for Egypt action

Rafah border crossing in Gaza Strip hit by Israeli air strike

Wounded son

US backs off statement that Egypt, UAE behind Libya air strikes

Sudan hosts talks on Ethiopian Nile dam row

Gaza celebrates as Palestinian president announces ceasefire

Collapsing Libya sucks in Egypt with Gulf Ally in Islamist fight

Libya air strikes show UAE willing to 'go it alone'

Egypt jihadist group claims beheading of four men in Sinai

Egypt's Morsi accused of leaking secrets to Qatar

Wife of jailed Morsi aide pleads for world to act on Egypt

Algeria president dismisses Islamist-leaning ex-premier

Egypt proposes new Gaza ceasefire: Palestinian official

Head-on bus crash kills 33 near Egypt resort

Libya neighbours back Egypt call to disarm militias

Libya's neighbors fear spillover of violence

Arab strikes in Libya show impatience with US

Deposed Egypt president's spokesman faces trial

Libya's Islamist militias claim control of capital

Saudi Arabia to host Arab meeting on Syria, IS crisis

Hundreds mourn famed Egyptian rights advocate

Jihadists anti-Islamic: exiled Brotherhood spiritual guide

Israel, Hamas reach ceasefire agreement

Greek archaeologists enter large underground tomb

Panicked Gazans bundle into ambulances after massive Israeli air strike

Libya's outgoing provisional Congress 'plans to reopen'

UAE bombed Islamist militias in Libya: US officials

Gazans recover what they can from wrecked apartment block

Arab ministers in Saudi discuss Syria, IS crises

Cease-fire reached with Israel, Hamas official says

Egypt calls for Gaza ceasefire as fighting rages

Israel in deadly Gaza air raids, Egypt in new truce plan

Israel destroys 13-storey building in Gaza air strike

US works with Jordan, Europeans at UN on Gaza ceasefire draft

Iran to send aid to Gaza via Egypt

Islamists branded 'terrorists' after fall of Tripoli airport