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Assange could stay in embassy for 5 years

WikiLeaks to run candidates in 3 states

Work keeps confined Assange sane: dad

Assange positive about future of politics

Bookies think Assange could win seat

Assange protesters to push on

Assange or seat warmer for WikiLeaks

Assange to give video address at Splendour

Snowden made other asylum bids: WikiLeaks

Snowden not on flight to Cuba, whereabouts unclear

'The Fifth Estate': The film that outraged Assange

End near as Assange's support grows: mum

US said unlikely to prosecute Assange for publishing leaks

Swedish court upholds arrest warrant for Assange

WikiLeaks founder Assange to leave embassy "soon" citing health

Julian Assange marks 2nd year in Ecuador's embassy

Julian Assange 'fears for family'

Ecuador's Correa breezes to 2nd re-election

Hacker who turned Manning in takes witness stand

Bradley Manning trial begins 3 years after arrest

Prosecutor: Manning dumped info into enemy hands

Aust hasn't washed hands of Assange: Carr

New NSA spying allegations rile European allies

WikiLeaks Party closer to registering

Send him back: US urges nations to return Snowden

Snowden mystery deepens: All eyes on airport

Bolivia plane incident infuriates Latin America

Biden asks Ecuador president to nix Snowden asylum

Govt hasn't helped me since 2010: Assange

APNewsBreak: NSA leaker Snowden not welcome in UK

Jemima Khan turns back on Assange

Assange slams Wikileaks film as 'geriatric snoozefest'

Julian Assange to contest any fresh WA Senate vote, WikiLeaks Party says,...

I was busy saving Snowden: Assange

WikiLeaks in NSW preference blunder

Assange looks towards Senate in speech

WikiLeaks Founder Assange to Leave Ecuadorian Embassy Soon

Wikileaks exposes Vic court's gag order

NY judge rules for Chevron in Ecuador case

Swedish appeals court upholds Assange detention

Julian Assange appears at South By Southwest

Exhibition captures Galapagos in grey

Greens leader welcomes WikiLeaks Party

South American leaders back Morales in plane row

Government has history of secrecy, spying, leaks

Prosecutor: Manning let secrets into enemy hands

Lawyer: Manning wanted to enlighten US about war

Assange works to be healthy in embassy

Ecuador heats rhetoric as Obama downplays Snowden

Absent Assange looms over debut of WikiLeaks drama

What Obama's visit means to Sweden

Assange to try again for Senate seat

Photographed doc lays out Assange police tactics

Assange marks two years in London embassy

Euthanasia advocate to run in WA Senate election

WikiLeaks' Assange talks NSA, hints at more leaks

Wikileaks Party prepare for election campaign as Julian Assange remains...

A year on, Assange stays put in Ecuadorean Embassy

Assange 'proud' to be helping Snowden

NSA leaker's dad says son would return to US

Ecuador president: Snowden can't leave Moscow

Ecuador: Decision on Snowden could take months

Flowers, vegetables could affect Snowden's fate

Ecuador says Snowden seeking asylum there

Ecuador would examine Snowden asylum claim

I'm staying put in embassy: Assange

Army GI says he leaked secrets to spark war debate

Top Swedish judge backs WikiLeaks

Assange film premieres in Toronto

Key WikiLeaks Senate candidate quits due to lack of 'democratic processes'