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Uzbeks vote in elections expected to reinforce Karimov's grip on power

The greenest goodbye - Seattle group wants to compost the dead

The greenest goodbye: Seattle group wants to compost the dead

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Rare San Francisco river otter stumps researchers

Rare San Francisco river otter stumps researchers

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Mexico officials find mass grave east of capital

Emergency national parks grazing extension denied

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Russia closes first case against Greenpeace activists

Final amnestied foreign Greenpeace activist leaves Russia

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Rural Chinese school 'demolished for $1.6 bn resort'

Help at hand to relocate threatened species

No feral cat increase from Dingo baiting

Apple space ship campus cleared for take-off

Green group backs 'rationalising existing ports'

Rising seas clearly evident along SC coast

Hydro gives up on troubled dam

Train cars derail in Minnesota, spill crude oil

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WWF launches campaign against tree clearing

Coroner: Lion killed woman after escaping cage

Senate endorses Keystone XL pipeline construction

Drug trafficking ravages Central American forests

Leading anti-Sochi activist detained for 'swearing'

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Army Corps sued over river-management approaches

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Greenpeace sends Rainbow Warrior as Russian Arctic oil arrives

Hydro-power plants partly blamed for deadly India floods

Thousands of feral cats prey on Arnhem Land native wildlife

Researchers air fears for Murray turtle population

In Bible epic revival, 'Noah' finds rough seas

Polluted Paris prepares for partial car ban

Experts using DNA tests to monitor commercial whaling impact

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J. JS Lee opens London Fashion Week

The 'Grande Arche' of Paris falls into a sorry state

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