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Workers clear 80 percent of debris from Germanwings crash

ECB tells banks to write down Heta exposure by over half - Handelsblatt

Austrian help for Carinthia in Heta not boundless: Schelling

German president: Germanwings crash an 'unbelievable horror'

France's Jean-Marie Le Pen steps back to ease family feud

What to do with Dad: A dilemma for France's Le Pen

Analysis - What to do with Dad: A dilemma for France's Le Pen

After Alps crash, some experts ponder flights without pilots

Most charges thrown out in MP porn case

Poor polls to dog Labor caucus

Labor coy on candidate for South Australian seat of Elder

Union earmarks $1m for Greens support

Oppn wants Thomson to explain inducement

Close down Manus, says ALP senator Cameron

PM to address election morale booster

Collapse in Labor vote in six Vic seats

Labor opens preselection for Thomson seat

We can win election, Gillard tells MPs

The battle for Denison escalates

Medibank in public hands under ALP: Wong

Country singer Blundell runs for senate

Feeney to run for Batman seat

Aust must do more for East Timor: senator

Skiiers Take to the Slopes In...Iran

Father and 12yo son die in Alps hiking accident

Indigenous party change of guard flags poll tilt

Mishandled votes could become valid

Gillard goes west in bid to lift ALP vote

PM heads to western Sydney as polls dive

DLP bill 'bid to revive abortion debate'

Zoe's Law introduced by Nile

Howes says AWU backs Gillard

Shorten takes aim at Labor pessimists

Abbott gay marriage views bizarre: ALP MP

Campbell Newman keeps lead in Qld: poll

Workers superannuation safer under ALP: PM

Crossin not consulted on PM's Peris pick

Liberals elected in landslide victory

‘Gillard factor’ blamed for Labor's election loss

Shut up, Evans tells Labor leakers

Gillard congratulates Nova Peris

Crossin says she may have gone earlier

Premier denies cuts are worsening unemployment

Senior ALP senator Evans resigns: report

Labor looks to future federal leadership

Coalition misleads like Hitler: Katter

Melburnians will return to ALP: candidate

Insight: In Fukushima end-game, radiated water has nowhere to go

Column: In 2020 vote, IOC must count the pennies

Labor upbeat about Bass and Lyons, despite the polls

Bill Shorten confirms tilt for Labor Party leadership, believes ALP can...

Abbott talks boats, Labor looks for leader

Odds shorten on new Labor leader

Labor holds on to five out of six SA seats

Shorten claims Labor caucus support

ALP wins McEwen in federal election

Mundine rules out ALP Senate tilt

ACT has warmest winter on record

Protesters add colour to NSW booths

Coalition looks set to hold 90-plus seats