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Mubarak's sons freed from Egyptian prison after anniversary of his fall

Obama pays respects to Saudis, defends ties to kingdom

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Today in History for May 4th

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In prior overhaul, legalized farmworkers prospered

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Arias trial postponed until next week

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UN Myanmar envoy visits ruined city after violence

Manslaughter counts, trial delay for FAMU case

Former British PM Margaret Thatcher dead

Muslim Brotherhood's cohesion is also its pitfall

Elizabeth Smart details kidnapping in new memoir

Arab world searches for democratic future

Legendary Vietnam Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap dies at 102

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Mich. woman sentenced to life again in dad's death

Nigeria's ruling party 'unruffled by defections'

Bulgarians, Romanians mostly want to stay put

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Egypt courts release 21 pro-Morsi female protesters

Undergrads return to crumbling Myanmar university

Geckos in space: Novel robot takes a step to cosmos

Impeachment try fails against Hong Kong's leader

Today in History: Jan 20th

Civil rights leader Lawrence Guyot dies at 73

Europe still spellbound by Kennedy star quality

Authorities look at LAX shooter's government view

H.K. economy world's freest for 20th consecutive year

Philippine military attacks hardline Muslim renegades

Palestinians earn degrees while in Israeli jail

Anti-gay laws, attitudes hold sway in many regions

Magna Carta copy arrives in US for exhibit

Mich. parole case challenges governor's authority

Turkey tightens internet controls as govt battles graft scandal

Iranian hardliners block Rouhani's promises of greater freedom

Canberra suburb of Curtin celebrates 50 years of history

Florida man sentenced to life plus 90 years in rap music murder

Hong Kong democracy protests: Live Report

Palestinian university expels Israeli visitor

Jailed cop killer to speak at college graduation

Hong Kong protests hit China's National Day

Jailed cop killer is picked as graduation speaker

AP names Josef Federman as Jerusalem bureau chief

Hong Kong police use sledgehammers, chainsaws to clear protest barriers,...

Maya Angelou, writer of many talents, dies at 86

Maya Angelou, celebrated poet and author, dies

Syria's election shows depth of support for Assad

'Cyberattack' threatens online vote on Hong Kong reforms, organizer says

Poet Maya Angelou remembered for wisdom, clarity

US deaths in Afghanistan may have only tenuous link to Bergdahl

Democrats stand by senator amid plagiarism claim

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In Chinese shadow, Hong Kong fights for its future

European rights court upholds French burqa ban

Gandhi to join Churchill, Mandela in London square

Western colleges find common ground on Malaysia campus

Protester's 1971 death still echoes in 2 families

Education Minister Christopher Pyne announces support for fee competition...

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Fee deregulation 'to hurt' rural students

Pope urges "fraternal" dialogue with China, others

Paris to celebrate end to Nazi rule 70 years later

Democracy battle: Beijing set to dismay Hong Kong

Abbott insists no revival of racial law changes

Ex-Democratic Chairman Robert Strauss dies at 95

Leader-in-exile: Youths lead Tibet freedom fight