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Sri Lanka's new government plans fresh war crimes probe

Jonathan enters Boko Haram heartland, vows to end insurgency

After killings by US police, debate over grand jury secrecy

Utah family's deaths came after obsession with murder case

Tech advances lower chance that driver will die in car crash

Honda cuts profit forecast as airbag recall dents bottom line

Massive storm system hitting Mid-Atlantic

Limo that went up in flames had extra passenger

Correction: Drunken Driving-Zero Deaths story

Afghan investigation finds 17 died in airstrike

Spike in violence in Iraq has echoes in the past

Chrysler refuses US request to recall vehicles

2 drug companies announce anemia drug recall

SA mass fish deaths 'a natural phenomena'

Possible murder-suicide in Sydney jail

Biden not giving up on assault weapons ban

2 families suing over 2011 Pittsburgh flash floods

Big storms hit Mexico on opposite coasts 21 dead

Double risk of leukaemia for Vietnam vets

Egyptian youth leader backs army in battle with Brotherhood

Deadly Indian school meal contained huge amounts of pesticide

Queensland farmer convicted over poisoning deaths of 52 birds, including...

Ex-Chad ruler charged with crimes against humanity

Israel-Turkey relations sink to low

Philippine quake damages centuries-old churches

Amnesty International delivers scathing report into US drone strikes in...

Niger rescues 72 migrants stranded in desert

'Hundreds' of militants die in Nigeria army jails, Amnesty claims

Interstate 77 reopens after W.Va. gas inferno

Tens of thousands still without power in Arkansas

Gun group offers training for Utah teachers

East Coast braces for monster 'Frankenstorm'

Hurricane Sandy Sends Huge Surf to Florida

After dramatic spike, Chicago homicides slow down

10 Things to Know for Tuesday

In troubled Egypt, Copts turn to beloved saint

A year after crisis, aftershocks rock Ivory Coast

Autopsy: NJ boy, 2, alive before being decapitated

Strong Costa Rica quake causes panic, minor damage

Philippine typhoon survivors flee false tsunami alert

Traffic to continue northbound in John Parade Merewether

Philippines Catholics end 40-day mourning for typhoon dead

Peak medical bodies unite to condemn Northern Territory trial of unlimited...

Pakistan raids 'kill 36' after suicide attack in tribal belt

Tanker crash, fire kills 15 in Lagos

New bacteria found in IV nutrient bags that caused French baby deaths

Palestinian football pays high price for Gaza war

Dutch blamed for some massacre deaths

2 Israeli soldiers killed in militant infiltration

Dutch court rules state liable over 300 Srebrenica victims

West Coast killing spree supremacist gets life in prison

Armenia sees no imminent threat of war over breakaway Azeri enclave

Issues involving deaths of 4 US people at Benghazi

'Flood fighter' game teaches Asian kids survival tips

General Motors fined $35 million over faulty ignitions

GM adds 284,000 older cars as number of U.S. recalls this year hits 29

Obama: US will still use drone strikes