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Kurds advance on key Iraq dam, Sunnis hit jihadists

US hits Islamic State fighters at Mosul Dam

Iraqi Kurds retake country's main dam from jihadists

Kurdish Peshmergas Retake Mosul Dam

Obama confirms U.S. helped Iraqi, Kurdish forces retake dam

Iraq: Kurdish forces retake parts of largest dam

US strikes in Iraq aimed at helping reclaim dam

Kurdish military says it controls Iraq's Mosul Dam

Obama authorized US strike on Mosul Dam in Iraq: White House

Obama meets with advisors following weekend air strikes in Iraq

Iraqi special forces claim they took Mosul dam

Some Californian rafting stays afloat despite drought

Mexico says mine firm lied about chemical spill

Top End rice grower battles breezes, bugs and birds for bumper crop

Obama says US to keep up airstrikes as militant advance halted

Obama: Iraq has regained control of Mosul dam

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Iraq fallout: Is Kurdish economy at risk?

US conducts air strikes in Iraq near Arbil and Mosul dam

Iraqi Kurds assault IS positions as Obama vows support

Obama tells lawmakers Iraq strikes in US interest

Iraq military clashes with militants in Tikrit

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ABC News Video - Updated 10 times daily

Obama to speak on Iraq, Ferguson unrest

Airstrikes near militant-held Iraq dam: militants killed

Kurds retake key Iraq dam, Sunnis hit jihadists

Mexico mine spills 500,000 gallons of cyanide

Kurds fight to retake Iraq's largest dam after 'massacre'

Iraq forces hit militants as UN readies major aid effort

State fighters halt Iraqi offensive to recapture Saddam's home town

South-east Qld added to drought list, but water still in good supply

Yazidi fleeing Iraq jihadists has quintuplets: UN

Tasmania's unique irrigation system

More water headed to struggling Lake Mead

Jihadists 'worse than Saddam,' Iraqi Kurd commander says

Obama urges Iraqis to unite because 'the wolf's at the door'

Hong Kong stocks climb on earnings amid easing global tensions

Climate change threatens South Asia's GDP, escape from poverty

Britain's role in Iraq no longer just humanitarian: minister

Water starts to flow in Tasmania's largest irrigation scheme

WA's western trout minnow, a critically endangered fish species, bred in...

US, Japan index futures climb as Gold retreats with crude oil