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Rozelle blast accused remains in custody

Man charged with murder over Melbourne attack remanded in custody

Marine suspect transferred to Philippine detention

US says witnesses gave statements over Philippine murder

Judge finalizes divorce of Heidi Klum and Seal

Victim's family demand jail for US Marine in Philippines murder

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' actor arrested in Idaho

Marine suspect guarded by US in Philippine camp

Philippines seeks murder charge against US Marine over transgender killing

Sydney brothel siege: Wasim Assad appears in court to face charges, police...

US transfers Marine murder suspect to Philippine base

Indiana police say more victims possible after seven bodies found

Thousands released after immigration holds denied

Man charged with four murders in western Michigan

Bricks and rocks used to attack Hungry Jacks outlet

Philippines police file charges against U.S. Marine in murder case

Aquino rejects call to annul U.S.-Philippines forces agreement over murder...

Prisoner who broke out, got drunk, broke back in gets sentence extension

Philippine police accuse US Marine in murder case

Aquino rejects call to annul US-Philippines forces agreement over murder...

Octavia Spencer, Kevin Costner film 'Black or White' set for 2014 release

Man shot in head by police in Brisbane

Mentally ill Briton accused over jihad camp extradited to US

Climate change activists arrested, charged over trespassing at Minerals...

ICC releases four DR Congo war crimes suspect aides

Taiwan tycoon detained over food safety scandal

Marine accused in Philippine killing tests US ties

New York police talk down man who threatened to jump off building

Man charged with planning terror attack

Case of mentally ill Aboriginal man jailed indefinitely to be reviewed

Police make two arrests in child's fatal shooting

Bail revoked over 'bizarre' slaughter of miniature horses

Explaining acquittal, court says no proof Berlusconi knew Ruby's age

Wife admits ordering killing of Briton on Bali

Woman confesses to killing mother in Canberra

Bastia refuse blame for Nice crowd trouble

Arrests after clashes at Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa

US to produce Marine sought over murder of transgender Filipino

Philippine prosecutors issue summons for U.S. Marine in murder case

Philippines subpoenas US Marine murder suspect

French journalists go on trial in Indonesia's Papua